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Discover how we are protecting the Gold Coast's natural environment - our spectacular beaches, hinterland ranges, bushland and waterways - and how you can help.

Gold Coast environment

Aerial view of Burleigh Head National Park

Although the Gold Coast is highly developed in parts, the city is also one of the most biodiverse in Australia with around 49 per cent of its land area being native vegetation. The city is also home to World Heritage-listed Gondwana rainforests and the Ramsar Convention-listed coastal wetlands of southern Moreton Bay.

We have an extensive range of unique and precious natural landscapes and wildlife habitats, from our hinterland ranges to our coasts and wetlands.

These local ecosystems face pressures from social and economic development, and from climate change. In response, City of Gold Coast (City) is working to protect our landscapes and wildlife, recognising the critical importance of healthy natural environments in shaping a strong and sustainable future.

Discover what we're doing to protect our precious environment and explore how you can play an active part:

Botanic Gardens: explore the botanical diversity of the Gold Coast, from the mangroves to the mountains, all on one site in the heart of the city.

Protecting landscapes: discover what the City is doing to protect and manage our coast, bushland, parks and reserves, catchments, waterways and native vegetation.

Protecting wildlife: learn about our native wildlife on the Gold Coast, what the City is doing to protect our threatened species and how you can help.

Gold Coast Flora and Fauna online: find out about our Gold Coast species website. Find the link to the website below.

Environmental planning: how the City develops policies and strategies to protect our city’s biodiversity.

Environment action and learning: take action, get involved or learn something new.

Sustainable living: learn how simple it is to live more sustainably by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Waste and recycling: explore how the City manages and is working to reduce the city's waste by recycling.

Water and sewerage: find out more about the City's water supply and sewerage services, and your water and sewerage rate notice.

Enjoy the environment: explore the natural side of the city and enjoy our beaches, open spaces and hinterland.

Disaster management: be prepared in times of severe flood, storm, bushfire, cyclone and other emergencies. 

Nature Conservation Assistance Program (NCAP): the City provides financial assistance to private landholders for on-ground restoration projects that protect and enhance the natural assets of the Gold Coast.

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