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Gold Coast natural environment

We have one of Australia's most biodiverse cities. Let's explore, celebrate and work together to protect it for the future.

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Gold Coast Flora and Fauna – for developers

Environmental Planning

Developers, local landowners and conservation groups all have a need to access accurate information on the Gold Coast’s native and pest plants and animals.

The City has developed its Gold Coast Flora and Fauna website to provide essential information for its partners and stakeholders to use in planning work and activities related to, or that may impact on, native flora and fauna.

The site provides information and tools to:

  • establish what plants or animals are native to, and are recorded in, a particular area
  • identify a specific plant or animal species
  • understand the habitats and extent of species on the Gold Coast
  • find out more information about particular species.

For developers, the website can help with identifying and assessing environmental impact and ecological sustainability issues. Landowners and conservation groups will find the site useful for identifying which species are native to and/or established in a specific locality.

The website’s Species Information page gives access to species search functions (by common or scientific name) as well as downloadable lists of all Gold Coast species. Matched species will be returned as individual pages with more detailed information which can include description, legal status (e.g. threatened), habitat and Gold Coast locations, and images where available.

The site’s Mapping Tools page has Google mapping tools enabling you to search for particular species or focus on species in a particular location using GPS coordinates.

Our Planning and Building pages have more information for developers. The Environmental Planning pages offer more information about the City’s approach to protecting the natural environment of the Gold Coast.

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