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Koala Conservation

Help us save koalas! Report koala sightings anytime on 1300 GOLDCOAST (1300 465 326).

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Koala conservation education

Koala Conservation Education Program (Year 4) teacher guide  cover

Koala Conservation Education Program (Year 7) teacher guide  cover

Community education is a vital component of initiatives to conserve Gold Coast koalas.

A Koala Conservation Education Program has been developed for the City.

The Koala Conservation Education Program aims to provide opportunity for local school students to develop their knowledge and understanding of koalas and their habitat as well as the current threats and conservation measures affecting the species.

The purpose of the Koala Conservation Education Program: Year 4 teacher guide and the Koala Conservation Education Program: Year 7 teacher guide is to give teachers an overview of the Koala Conservation Education Program and to highlight the relevant Australian Curriculum links so that teachers can identify where it is placed within the curriculum.

Key concepts explored in the teacher’s guides include:

  • Koalas are a significant part of Australia’s fauna and are listed as a vulnerable species by Queensland State Government and by Federal Government in NSW, ACT and QLD.
  • Key koala population areas on the Gold Coast include Elanora and Currumbin Waters, East Coomera, Burleigh Ridge and throughout the hinterland.
  • The koala population in South East Queensland is declining.
  • Certain processes in our urban environment pose a threat to the long-term survival of koalas.
  • There are particular conservation measures in place and each member of the community can contribute towards implementing these measures.

The Year 4 and Year 7 guides introduce important koala related subject matter and associated materials and aim to facilitate learning both in the classroom and in the field with Pre-incursion, Incursion and Post-incursion lesson plans and a ‘Koala incursion worksheet’.

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