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Discover how we are protecting the Gold Coast's natural environment - our spectacular beaches, hinterland ranges, bushland and waterways - and how you can help.

Trees and vegetation

We have set a corporate target of 51 per cent native vegetation cover by 2020 and are committed to the ongoing conservation and maintenance of the City’s natural landscapes for residents, visitors and wildlife. A lot of trees and vegetation in our city are on private land, and the vegetation contributes significantly to our city’s urban forest, providing multiple benefits to our lifestyle, the City’s liveability and our subtropical landscape character.

Refer to the pages below to explore vegetation types, native plant species, information on tree removal and tree disputes, as well as how to obtain free trees.

Native vegetation groups

Native vegetation grows in groups of species and these groups vary depending on soil, landform, aspect and climate. It is useful to understand the vegetation that grows on your property, as this can guide selecting the right species for your garden, landscaping or restoration project.

Native plant species

Planting local native plant species suited to your property has many advantages. Find information on local native plant species here.

Tree removal

Find all the information you need to know if you would like to request to remove a tree on your property or on public land. Information around hiring an arborist, unlawful tree removal and pest species is also here.

Tree disputes

Are you and your neighbour having a dispute on a tree on the boundary fence, or branches and leaves falling onto your property?
Find information you need to know to help resolve these issues.

Free trees

Each year we give away more than 10,000 trees through the ratepayers tree giveaway scheme.

Benefits of trees

The city’s trees provide an array of financial, social, environmental and health benefits to the community. Find out more information about the different benefits of trees.

Read about our commitment to preserving and maintaining the City’s valued urban forest, as well as providing adequate tree growing space in its built environment.

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