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Waste disposal fee concession policy

Waste and recycling centre

The Waste Disposal Fee Concession Policy was introduced in 2012 to provide guidance on who is eligible for waste disposal fee concessions (no gate fee) at City of Gold Coast waste and recycling centres.

It replaced both the Free of Charge Waste Disposal Policy (domestic waste) and the Refuse Disposal Fees Policy (not-for-profit organisations).

What remains unchanged?

 Domestic waste fee concession:

  • No gate fees apply for eligible domestic general waste generated within the Gold Coast.
  • Charges apply for waste generated outside the Gold Coast and certain regulated wastes that come from domestic origins, e.g. tyres, asbestos, hazardous waste.
  • Commercial waste is only accepted at waste and recycling centres with landfills, and advertised fees apply.
  • Same size limits per domestic load still apply.
  • To receive fee concessions, suitable evidence must be provided, when requested, that the person delivering the waste is a resident and the waste comes from within the Gold Coast.

Not-for-profit organisation fee concession:

  • Gold Coast not-for-profit organisations that are currently registered on the approved list and have a concession account will continue to not pay a gate fee for disposal of general clean-up waste, green waste or eligible recyclables.
  • The types of not-for-profit organisations that were previously eligible to apply for fee concessions are as before - religious organisations, schools, charities and community groups.
  • Waste delivered to a City waste facility by a commercial operator under a commercial arrangement with a not-for-profit organisation is not eligible for fee concessions.
  • To receive fee concessions, suitable evidence must be provided that the person delivering the waste is registered on the approved list and the waste is not being delivered under a commercial arrangement by a commercial operator.

What has changed?

  • To receive fee concessions, residents and not-for-profit organisations must now make an effort to recycle when visiting waste and recycling centres. Those that refuse to recycle may be charged a standard waste fee or directed to a paying facility.
  • Waste delivered by representatives of body corporates is not considered domestic waste and standard disposal fees will apply.
  • Fee concessions now officially apply to waste from approved community clean-up events, e.g. Clean Up Australia Day, in line with previous practice.
  • Charitable recyclers, e.g. charity op shops, are eligible for fee concessions for all residual waste from recycling activities.
  • More information is included in the Policy regarding the application process to become an approved not-for-profit organisation.
  • Better definitions give more clarity as to what is domestic waste, a resident, commercial activities, an eligible vehicle, general clean-up waste, a not-for-profit organisation and a charitable recycling entity.

Please note: Existing approved not-for-profit organisations were issued with new approval letters in November 2012. All previous approval letters dated before 9 November 2012 are now obsolete.

If you are an approved not-for-profit organisation with an account and have not received the current approval letter, please phone 07 5581 6433 to update your account contact details.

A current approval letter is required to receive the fee concession at the landfill gate.

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