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Discover how we are protecting the Gold Coast's natural environment - our spectacular beaches, hinterland ranges, bushland and waterways - and how you can help.

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Waste and recycling

Green waste bin

City of Gold Coast collects waste and recyclables from nearly 200,000 households and businesses across the city. We also run 12 waste and recycling centres where you can drop off waste and recyclables 363 days a year.

But that's just the basics. We service more than 1000 public bins, run an annual bulk waste collection, clean up litter and illegal dumping, handle waste management services for events, plan for and build new infrastructure for processing waste and recyclables, and have a community and schools education program to help avoid waste and reduce litter.

We have a separate Waste and recycling website (formerly called GreenGC) for information on rubbish and recycling services.

New food initiative

City of Gold Coast is teaming up with VISY, one of Australasia’s leading providers of recycling, paper and packaging products and services, to encourage better management of food waste on the Gold Coast.

Tree topped landscape

VISY’s philanthropic Pratt Foundation has provided up to $50,000 in 2014-15 to fund the Visy Sustainability Grants Program for eligible Gold Coast applicants.

For information on the funding and application process visit our Waste and recycling website.

Use the following direct links to that website to quickly get the answers you need:

Information can also be found on current waste and recycling initiatives.

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