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Sewerage and recycled water

Your sewage is piped to one of the city's four sewage treatment plants and treated to a high grade recycled water which can be used for non-drinking purposes.

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Sewerage and recycled water

Sewage (or wastewater) is used or spent water from domestic, commercial and industrial sources. Domestic wastewater or sewage comes from sinks, baths, showers, toilets and washing machines in our homes.

The City of Gold Coast collects, treats and disperses sewage produced by residents. We ensure it is treated to a high standard which meets or exceeds the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection environmental licence requirements, before being discharged.

Download our Sewage treatment process fact sheet for more information.

Recycled water is sewage that has been treated according to stringent environmental and health guidelines, and is then re-used for purposes such as irrigating nurseries and golf courses, and suppressing dust pollution on construction sites.

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