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Scientific Services

Specialised microbiological, chemical and physical water quality testing. Our laboratory service consists of an experienced team of scientists and technical support staff.

Find it and fix it fast

Not all water leaks are visible. Identifying and fixing leaks on your property are your responsibility and could save you from extensive damage and a huge water bill.

Prevent sewage overflows

Stormwater and sewage don’t mix. Avoid excess water and a potential sewage overflow in your home by ensuring stormwater and swimming pool run off does not enter the sewage network.

GCW Projects

Just as our cars need to be regularly serviced, so do our sewer mains. Your rates sewerage service charges contribute to the annual $4 million in assessing and rehabilitating aging infrastructure.

Water and sewerage

For information on paying your water bill and getting an account balance online, go to our Rates and water bills page.

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water interruptions

Water interruptions and Gold Coast Water projects

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