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Temporary food stalls

The primary purpose of the Food Act 2006 is to establish food for sale is safe and suitable for human consumption. This Act requires the City of Gold Coast to monitor the standard of operations in fixed food premises by providing for the licensing of particular food businesses. Compliance with the Act will assist you in providing safe food for your customers.

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Is a licence required?

You will require a licence if selling unpackaged food by retail from temporary premises such as stalls, fetes or markets, e.g. barbecue stall, sausage sizzle at an outdoor event, or food stalls at markets.

You do not need a licence to sell*: pre-packaged food; whole fruit and vegetables; drinks, such as tea, coffee, soft drinks and alcohol; primary produce (accredited producers); snack and other foods that are not potentially hazardous, e.g. chocolates, confectionary, dried fruit, cereals, uncooked pasta and spreads.

*Compliance with the Food Act 2006 is required, regardless of whether a food licence is needed.

For more information about food licence criteria for temporary premises, visit the City's Knowledge Network - Toolbox or call us on 07 5667 5987.

How to apply

Complete an Application for food business licence – temporary food premises (stall) online or download a copy to complete offline and submit at a City customer service centre.

No fees are required for a mobile food business licence application (conditions apply – fees are stated on page 5 of the form, where an applicant is not eligible for nil fees). Payment options are also specified on this page.

Once approved, the licence will be valid until 31 August next, unless otherwise specified by the applicant or the City (or unless cancelled or suspended).

Please ensure the necessary documentation is attached to your application. Find useful resources to help you get your application started on the City's Knowledge Network - Toolbox website.

The City will process the application and notify the applicant(s) of the decision within 30 days. We will contact you if we need any additional information for your application.

Find a link to a downloadable Licence application: Food business – temporary premises form below.

Licence renewal

Food licences are renewed annually and are valid until 31 August of each year.

  • If there are no change of details to your existing licence, visit our Payments page to find out how to renew your licence online, by phone or by post.
  • If details on your existing licence require amendment, contact us on 07 5667 5987 or visit a customer service centre.

Amendments to a food business licence

For changes to your licence, such as change of contact details, you can call us on 07 5667 5987.

Lost or damaged licence – how to request a replacement

Find a link to the Application for replacement licence / plans / regulatory label below.

Fees apply for the above request and are detailed on the application form.

  • cash, cheque or credit card payment options are available at any of our customer service centres;
  • cheques or money orders made payable to City of Gold Coast can be mailed, along with the completed application form, to City of Gold Coast, PO Box 5042 GCMC QLD 9729.

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