Bleach* in the City

It’s Southport’s turn to join the Bleach* Festival Party! 13 March, 5pm - 9pm.

Gold Coast Chinatown

Chinese Lanterns

Gold Coast Chinatown is an integral part of the revitalisation of Southport as an international CBD for the Gold Coast. View what is proposed for Gold Coast Chinatown in our video.

As Chinatown evolves, it will offer an authentic Asian experience and create a unique destination in the heart of Southport.

Chinatown is already encouraging Chinese and Asian tourists and fostering international relationships and investment, reinforcing the City as a destination to do business, be entertained, to live and be educated.

It provides a sense of home for the Chinese and Asian community that permanently reside on the Gold Coast. It also brings a sense of safety and community to the thousands of international students studying at Gold Coast universities, English language schools and colleges.

The world's first modern Chinatown is focused on Young and Davenport Streets in Southport. It will be a place for the Gold Coast to celebrate its diversity through culture, design, people and food. Chinatown will be an exciting mix of restaurants, cultural festivals and boutiques; a place of cultural indulgence and celebration.

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Bleach* in the City

Fish-out-of-Water inflatable character

Southport was full of festivity when it joined the Bleach* Festival Party on 13 March!

Amidst the Gold Coast CBD, Bleach* brought a colourful, artistic melting pot of music, art and food! 

Adding to the atmosphere was a suitcase rummage, eclectic food stalls and awesome live art projects.

Darren Middleton, former guitarist of Powderfinger joined 'The Delicates' and 'The Atlais' to deliver a powerhouse of live music to the precinct.

Next year will be even bigger, so help us to improve this event by sending your feedback or expressing your interest in being involved, to  

Chinese New Year Festival 2015

chinese lion head

Thank you for celebrating Chinese New Year with us Saturday 28 February 3pm - 9pm!

The event was full of colour, cuisine and cultural entertainment as we celebrated the Year of the Goat.

An amazing 15,000 people attended the first Chinese New Year in our new Gold Coast Chinatown and were dazzled by lion dancing, traditional performances, and interactive fun for the kids.

The Asian street food market was an assault on the senses with the smells, sights, sounds and of course, the aromas of Asia floating through the street. The night ended with a massive fireworks display as the sky came alive above the crowd.

Next year will be even bigger, so help us improve on this event by sending your feedback to Don't forget to share your photos with us on Instagram #gcchinatown.

Asian Food Markets - now commencing in May 2015

Dim sim on a blue plate

The Asian Food Market will be a blend of multicultural cuisine from across Asia, inspiring a celebration of food for locals and visitors.

Weaved amongst street food vendors will be an eclectic mix of stalls, selling traditional and modern merchandise, and live entertainment. Every month we'll have a feature attraction for everyone to enjoy - from martial arts to folk art to cooking demonstrations.

The local shops and restaurants will extend their trading hours during market times.

Applications for ‘Asian-inspired’ stallholders are currently open. To register your interest in these monthly markets, please email  

Don’t forget to visit this page regularly, as more information becomes available.

Sister Cities

City of Gold Coast currently has nine Sister Cities Agreements.

The City, through the Mayor's Office, is working closely with our sister cities and partnership cities to inspire the cultural embellishments of Gold Coast Chinatown. A number of Chinese delegations have visited the City to assist with cultural design ideas for the gateways, street furniture, decorative lighting and public art.

The City has been working with Jining City, which donated a carved statue of the great Chinese philosopher Confucius. The Mayor officially accepted the statue on his recent visit to Jining City, which is the birth place of Confucius.

City of Gold Coast is working closely with other cities to design and donate the Paifang and other public art for the precinct.

Precinct Plan

The Gold Coast Chinatown Precinct Plan includes the streetscape design, retail and events strategies plus investment attraction activities and management.

For more information contact the Gold Coast CBD Team:

Phone: 1300 CBD TEAM (1300 223 832)

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