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Green Bridge

Construction timeline: November 2018 to late 2019.

The Green Bridge will provide a vital gateway between Home of the Arts (HOTA) and Surfers Paradise via Chevron Island.

The pedestrian and cycle link will span 130 metres across the Nerang River, connecting to the Thomas Drive retail and restaurant strip. At the same height as the Chevron West bridge connecting Chevron Island to Bundall Road, it will allow continued access for watercraft.

A joint venture partnership, with Georgiou Group Pty Ltd and Brady Marine & Civil Pty Ltd, has been appointed to design and build the green bridge pedestrian and cycle connector to Chevron Island.

The design also adopts principles of the voronoi. It provides for an arrival experience into the precinct with an informal seating area and space for a pop-up food cart or performers. It will have views across the water to HOTA and over to the Surfers Paradise skyline.

See our HOTA project resources page for a fact sheet with information about Chevron Island parking changes during Green Bridge construction.

Key design features

The Green Bridge will connect with Stanhill Drive on the Chevron Island side (near Mawarra Street) and will land near the existing jetty near the lake on the HOTA side.

The bridge will be made of the usual construction materials (concrete, steel, etc.) and it will be a minimum of five metres wide, ensuring enough space for pedestrians and cyclists.


For information or advice on impacts during construction, contact the Georgiou Brady joint venture project team:
Phone: 1800 842 103

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  • When will Green Bridge open?

    The Green Bridge is expected to be completed by late 2019. 

  • Who is building the Green Bridge?

    Georgiou Brady Joint Venture (GBJV) is designing and constructing the Green Bridge to Chevron Island.

    As the name suggests, this is a joint venture between national construction company, Georgiou Group and bridge building specialists, Brady Civil and Marine. 

  • Why is it called Green Bridge? Will it be green?

    No. The bridge will not be painted green.

    The bridge is currently referred to as Green Bridge as it will ultimately offer HOTA visitors a ‘green’ form of transport (walking or cycling). This is a term used frequently by urban designers.

  • How high will the bridge be?

    The bridge at its highest point will be the same height as the existing Chevron Island western road bridge (to Bundall) ensuring that watercraft that can pass under the existing bridge will also be able to pass under Green Bridge.

  • During what hours will construction works be done?

    Construction on site will be from Monday to Saturday between 6.30am and 6.30pm. Advance notice will be given if there is an activity outside of these hours.

  • Will there be any traffic impacts/lane closures on Chevron Island or Bundall?

    Green Bridge construction is not expected to adversely affect traffic.

    There will be construction vehicles and machinery on Stanhill Drive near the landing site at 223 Stanhill Drive, and construction traffic will be moving in and out of the HOTA precinct but this traffic movement isn’t expected to create issues for local traffic.

  • How much noise will the construction create?

    There will be some minor noise impacts during the early works as the project sets up for major construction to start.

    To keep up to date with construction and find out how you may be impacted, please contact the GBJV construction team on 1800 842 103 or email

  • Where will the green bridge be built?

    The Green Bridge will span 130 metres across the Nerang River from the northern edge of Evandale Lake near the playground, to Chevron Island, connecting to Mawarra Street and the Thomas Drive retail and dining precinct on Chevron Island.

    See the HOTA project resources page for a map of the precinct showing the location of Green Bridge.

  • Will HOTA events still occur during construction?

    Yes. Construction is not expected to cause the closure of events in the HOTA precinct.

    Typically it will be business as usual for HOTA and all the other activities within the precinct including Park Run, the Sunday Farmer’s Markets, the Chapel and more.

  • Will I still be able to walk around the lake?

    Yes. However, due to the construction work for the Green Bridge on the HOTA side, walkers will not be able to walk around the entire lake. They will need to turn around at the construction fencing and walk back the same way.

  • Where will HOTA patrons park during large events?

    You can still use the existing carparks on the precinct, Crombie Avenue and within the Bundall office precinct. The overflow parking area in parkland west of the Civic Chambers will continue to operate as required.

  • Will there be any car parking impacts during construction?

    Yes. There will be some changes made to the parking on Chevron Island (near Stanhill Drive) during construction.

    Please see the Chevron Island parking changes fact sheet above, for more information.

  • I am looking for work. Who do I contact about construction job opportunities?

    Construction activity for the Green Bridge is being managed by the Georgiou Brady Joint Venture.

    For any queries about recruitment, phone Georgiou Group in Brisbane on 07 3319 4500.

  • I have a business and would like to become a supplier. Who do I talk to?

    For any queries about being a supplier to Green Bridge, phone Georgiou Group in Brisbane on 07 3319 4500.