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Landscape Character Study

Diversity of landscape character is fundamental to our city’s image, cultural identity and continued success as an international tourist destination.

Residents and visitors on the Gold Coast enjoy a range of landscapes, from long stretches of beaches broken up by coastal headlands, the distinctive high-rise strip, lowlands and canal estates, rising to hills and the green backdrop of the mountains.

The Gold Coast Landscape Character Study provides a detailed assessment of landscape character and landscape heritage across the Gold Coast, defining the city’s distinctive identity and sense of place. The study advocates strategies to preserve and enhance the landscape in a growing city. This work will inform the way that the Gold Coast landscape is planned and managed by government and the private sector.

At the citywide level, the study maps and assesses the whole of the Gold Coast, while a limited number of local focus areas have been initially assessed at a greater level of detail. The study will be updated as additional focus areas are mapped over the coming years.

The nine Landscape Character Types identified and mapped in the study at the city-wide level, are outlined below:

  1. Watercourses, estuary and ocean
  2. High rise development
  3. Coastal headlands and beaches
  4. Bay Islands and Spit
  5. Lowlands
  6. Coastal plains and low hills
  7. Foothills
  8. Distinct valleys
  9. Mountains.

The study supports strategies that not only promote city growth, but also manage the rich, diverse landscape of the Gold Coast. The study aligns with and supports the Corporate Plan Gold Coast 2020, the City Plan and the Culture Strategy 2023.

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