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Our success in hosting events of various sizes and types throughout the year, has earned the Gold Coast an enviable reputation as an events destination.


Let's get back on track

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Personal Wealth and Financial Workshops

We are passionate about building wealth and planning for the future. But what we are more passionate about is, people and making a positive impact.

Join Paul Gaffney and his team from CHG Integrated Wealth for a fun and educational series of free community wealth and financial workshops to be head across Gold Coast and Brisbane.

'Let’s get back on track' personal wealth and financial workshops are designed to help and educate those everyday families affected by financial stress.

We are talking about a big majority of hard working mums and dads who pay taxes, have a mortgage but never seem to get ahead in life; who suffer in silence not knowing what to do and have no idea how to get back on track because of lack of support and understanding currently available to them.

CHG would like to make that a thing of the past by empowering people to take control of their finances and help them achieve their financial goals by providing some simple tools to give you more control and even to get your kids involved, and show how to remove the inhibitors so that you can make empowered decisions, rather than going along with poor habits.


From: 6:30 PM to 7:15 PM, Wednesday, 5 September 2018
To: Tuesday, 2 October 2018


Mermaid Beach Community Centre






Dan De Zoysa


CHG Integrated Wealth


07 5599 5747





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