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Next Reads

Always hunting for your next great read? Subscribe to NextReads and select your favourite genres. Each Book Alert email contains new gems, bestsellers, and older favourites you may not be familiar with. Hand picked by NextReads staff and our expert librarians, the titles included in the Alerts are sure to please. Plot summaries and review information will assist you to select your NextRead.

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Book coasters

Share reviews and recommendations, and discuss what you've been reading, on book coasters, our online book club. There are also book club questions, tips for running your own book club, and more resources for readers.

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Hot Reads

Hot Reads are a special collection of high interest titles available for seven day loan only. They are not renewable and cannot be placed on hold via the library catalogue, although we usually have the same title in our general borrowing collection.

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Novelist Plus

You've read every book your favourite author has ever written... What now? Whether you're a reader of fiction or non-fiction you can find your next great read. Discover new authors by browsing author read-alikes, browse through themed suggestions, explore award-winning book lists across numerous genres, or set up a personalised account and create your own book lists.

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Who Else Writes Like?

Who Else Writes Like…? will help anyone who enjoys reading fiction to expand the number of writers they read. Use the search engine to find authors, characters, environments, series or pseudonyms.

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Book Index with Reviews

The powerful search functionality will help you track down both fiction and non fiction books of interest to you. Create your own account to compile your list of books to read.

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Books and Authors

Discover new books and authors to read from expert book reviews and recommendations. Use the Read-A-Like wizard to find similar reads; browse through title, author and genre lists; view bestseller lists for inspiration; read your way through awards lists; or use the monthly highlights feature. Sign up for your own account to manage your lists of prospective reads.

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The Source

A subject guide to books, poetry and short stories for children, with a strong focus on Australian literature. Search by author, title, genre or subject to find books of interest and accompanying descriptions. Additional search options include searching book award winners, or books for a particular age group.

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Who Next?

Who Next . . .? is an interactive online tool that helps kids, teens and parents find children's authors similar to their favourites that they enjoy reading. Search options include browsing author lists, and searching for genres and themes.

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