Luminary lectures at the library

Luminary lectures at the library, is a lecture series presented by academics across a range of interesting fields, that aims to connect our wider Gold Coast community with cutting edge research and information from the world of academia.

Our free monthly lectures and discussions will be facilitated by academics and experts in their fields, and will cover a diverse range of content from the sciences, digital art, health sciences, engineering and more.

Come along, learn and connect with those who share similar interests and enjoy a lecture in a relaxed library environment. Whether you are a student, or just have a general interest in the topic, there will be something for everyone.

Luminary lectures at the library

Luminary lectures at the library in 2018

Luminary lectures at the library will be resuming in February 2018. Bookings for these exciting upcoming lectures will open in early 2018. Stay tuned for more information.

February - Exploring the dark side of the Universe
Presented by Professor Tamara Douglas, University of Queensland

March - Discoveries from Indonesia's Ice Age
Presented by Associate Professor Adam Brumm, Griffith University

May - Quantum Physics and the nature of reality
Presented by Dr Eric Cavalcanti, Griffith University

June - Taphonomy: Forensic science for dinosaurs
Presented by Dr Caitlin Syme, University of Queensland

July - Superbugs and Superdrugs
Presented by Dr Milton J. Kiefel, Griffith University

Calendar of events

Check out our Calendar of events for more information about upcoming lectures.