Luminary lectures at the library

Luminary lectures

'Luminary lectures at the library' is a lecture series presented by academics across a range of interesting fields, that aims to connect our wider Gold Coast community with cutting edge research and information from the world of academia.

Our free monthly lectures and discussions will be facilitated by academics and experts in their fields, and will cover a diverse range of content from the sciences, digital art, health sciences, engineering and more.

Come along, learn and connect with those who share similar interests and enjoy a lecture in a relaxed library environment. Whether you are a student, or just have a general interest in the topic, there will be something for everyone.

March - Coastal ecology in the Moreton Bay area

How well do you know Moreton Bay and its environmental history? Dr Daryl Mcphee, Associate Professor of Environmental Science at Bond University, will take you on a journey through the ages and unlock the secrets of Moreton Bay and the Southport Broadwater. Discover which of our local marine habitat types are under threat and what is being done about it, find out about the resting place of Queensland's fearsome first warship and much more.

Wednesday 20 March, 6.30pm to 7.30pm at Burleigh Waters Library.

Book online now to secure your free ticket to this event or phone 07 5581 1700.

April - Adventures on the dark side of the universe

In the eyes of an astrophysicist, the universe is a huge experiment with which to test fundamental physics, and our modern telescopes are giving us an unprecedented view. We can now see the universe as it was only 380,000 years after the big bang, before galaxies even existed. In this talk, Professor Tamara Davis will share the latest exciting developments in modern astrophysics, including her work with the Dark Energy Survey, a five-year project involving almost 500 astrophysicists on five continents.

Professor Tamara Davis is an astrophysicist searching for the elusive "dark energy" that's accelerating the universe. Her many accolades include the Astronomical Society of Australia's Award for the young researcher with the highest international impact, The Australian Academy of Sciences' Nancy Millis medal for female leadership in science, and an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship.

Wednesday 3 April, 6.30pm to 7.30pm at Upper Coomera Library.

Book online now or phone 07 5582 9300.

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