Luminary lectures at the library

Luminary lectures

'Luminary lectures at the library' is a lecture series presented by academics across a range of interesting fields, that aims to connect our wider Gold Coast community with cutting edge research and information from the world of academia.

Our free monthly lectures and discussions will be facilitated by academics and experts in their fields, and will cover a diverse range of content from the sciences, digital art, health sciences, engineering and more.

Come along, learn and connect with those who share similar interests and enjoy a lecture in a relaxed library environment. Whether you are a student, or just have a general interest in the topic, there will be something for everyone.

Assistant Professor Kristofer Thurecht

May - Nanomedicine and cancer treatment

Nanomedicine is an emerging field of science that explores the application of nanotechnology in medicine. The major premise is that recent advances in ultra-small technology can be translated to improvements in health. In this presentation, Associate Professor Kristofer Thurecht will discuss how his research team tackles the many issues associated with treating cancer, and how nanomedicines may offer new opportunities to address these issues. The presentation will delve into the realm of advanced imaging for oncology, including discussing new concepts in therapeutics and theranostics. Associate Professor Thurecht will also describe recent advances in treating canines that have been diagnosed with prostate cancer using nanomedicines.

Wednesday 15 May, 6.30pm to 7.30pm at Runaway Bay Library.

Book online now or phone 07 5581 7220.

June - Fangaroos versus Kangaroos: what happened to Australia's fanged kangaroos?

Australia is home to many iconic animals including the kangaroo but imagine a tiny kangaroo, that couldn't hop and instead scurried through Australia's ancient rainforest. Now picture that same creature with large fang-like canine teeth! Meet Balbaroo fangaroo, a member of an extinct family of fanged kangaroos called Balbarids, a species that became extinct over 10 million years ago.

Dr Kaylene Butler will discuss her research on understanding how these kangaroos lived, what they ate (which may surprise you) and when and why they became extinct. The presentation will delve into the relationship between the ancestors of today's iconic animals and the extinct family of fanged kangaroos. Dr Butler will discuss what her research into new kangaroo species, 3D modelling of kangaroo skulls and ancient kangaroo abundance can tell us about the ultimate extinction of Australia's fanged kangaroos.

Kaylene Butler is a vertebrate palaeontologist and STEM educator who studies extinct kangaroos from the Riversleigh World Heritage Area in north-western Queensland. She received a Bachelor of Science majoring in Zoology with first-class honours in 2013 and a PhD in 2018 from the University of Queensland. Kaylene has extensive experience as a science communicator having worked with schools, social media, news and TV programs such as Totally Wild.

Wednesday 12 June, 6.30pm to 7.30pm at Helensvale Library.

Book online now or phone 5581 1625.

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