Luminary lectures at the library

Luminary lectures

'Luminary lectures at the library' is a lecture series presented by academics across a range of interesting fields, that aims to connect our wider Gold Coast community with cutting edge research and information from the world of academia.

Our free monthly lectures and discussions will be facilitated by academics and experts in their fields, and will cover a diverse range of content from the sciences, digital art, health sciences, engineering and more.

Come along, learn and connect with those who share similar interests and enjoy a lecture in a relaxed library environment. Whether you are a student, or just have a general interest in the topic, there will be something for everyone.

Dr Christine Dudgeon swimming alongside a shark

Sharks and rays of Moreton Bay

The Moreton Bay Marine Park in Southeast QLD is home to a remarkable array of shark and ray species. Some species are year-round residents while others visit these waters seasonally. In this talk Dr Christine Dudgeon will introduce you to the diversity of these animals and then focus in more detail her research findings on three of our seasonal, charismatic visitors: manta rays, Grey nurse sharks and Leopard sharks.

Wednesday 31 July, 6.30pm to 7.30pm at Broadbeach Library.

Book online now or phone 07 5581 1555.

National Science Week 10 to 18 August

Professor Alan Duffy

Australia in space and Apollo - presented by Professor Alan Duffy

Friday 9 August, 6.30pm to 7.30pm at Robina Library. Bookings will open soon.

Over half a century ago, when Australia became only the third nation to build and launch a rocket from its own territory, Australia finally formed a National Space Agency to guide the National exploration and exploitation of space. Yet the space environment of today is very different to that of the Cold War, with heretofore unthinkable technologies allowing the next Space Race to be between startups not superpowers. I will explore the ways in which Australia finds itself at the cutting-edge of space exploration, from the boundaries of our atmosphere to the furthest reaches of the Universe itself, and how we find ourselves supporting a return to the Moon, 50 years since our efforts with Apollo 11.

Robot walking a robodog on the moon

Robots in space

Monday 12 August, 6.30pm to 7.30pm at Southport Library. Book online now or phone 07 5582 9300.

Expansion to the final frontier brings with it a huge amount of technical challenges. One such challenge is the ability for the vehicles and structures we send into space to survive the harshness of (inter)stellar travel. As the personnel on such future space missions will be few in number, robots are a natural fit to augment their capabilities. Join Dr David Howard as he takes you through a voyage from current technology to the opportunities of future techn, including robots that can: adapt themselves to ever-changing mission requirements, assist a crew to repair and build new infrastructure and swarms that evolve and cooperate to survive the unknown.

Presented by Dr David Howard, Senior Research Scientist - Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group at CSIRO. David is a researcher working at the boundary of robotics, evolutionary machine learning and robotic materials. His interests include nature-inspired algorithms, learned autonomy, soft robotics, the reality gap and evolution form. He lectures at QUT and UQ and supervises students from Undergraduate to PhD. He is a founding member of the Active Integrated Matter FSP, and leads six cross-BU projects under the "Autonomous Design" testbed.

Night sky with bright milky way

A brief history of the universe

Wednesday 14 August, 6.30pm to 7.30pm at Helensvale Library. Book online now or phone 07 5581 1625.

What are we seeing when we look at the night sky? Astrophysicist Josh Calcino will explore the early universe physics, from the formation of the first stars and galaxies. Learn about the formation of structure in the universe, the cosmic dark ages, and observations of the present day universe.

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