National Science Week

Gold Coast Libraries Science Spectacular!

This year Gold Coast Libraries will celebrate National Science Week from 9 to 18 August with a spectacular celebration of science across the city. Gold Coasters will have the opportunity to do science, meet scientists and explore new technologies with an action-packed program of events and activities for the whole family!

Check out some of our featured events below and view the full range of National Science Week events on our online events calendar

Featured events

Lots of (ro)bots

Come and join the Griffith University Women in Engineering team for an interactive workshop about all things robotics!

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

STEAM Powered Kids present an interactive workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Most of us imagine an army of human-like robots rebelling against humanity, while others envision a bright future where AI serves them in all possible ways from walking a dog early in the morning when the weather is unpleasant to cooking for your family together. Hosted by AI and computational biology (bioinformatics) expert, Dr Ghazaleh Taherzadeh.

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Digital explorers workshops with BOP Industries

With salt water powered cars, conductive paint, 3D printing pens; the BOP Industries Digital Explorer workshops are a great way to engage and inspire little scientists!

In these workshops, BOP Industries will look at how science, technology, engineering and entrepreneurship can solve some of the issues facing our world today. See for yourself how working in science and technology fields can be fun, creative and hands-on. You will work with all of the technology in the workshop.

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Virtual reality immersive experiences

Immerse yourself in a fully interactive virtual reality experience. Bend and twist reality in A Fisherman's Tale, a mind-bending adventure game. Experience the wonder of the deep ocean and come face-to-face with some of the most awe inspiring species on the planet. Facilitated by Gold Coast VR. Children must be age 12 and over.

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Best of Street Science Stage Show

Street Science is coming to Gold Coast Libraries to prove, once and for all, that science is seriously fun! Open your eyes to the magic of science in a stage show filled with mind blowing demonstrations. From wondrous ways to use everyday materials like air and water, to the cool chemistry of fire, fuel and incredible chemical clouds - this is a spectacular experience for the whole family and not to be missed!

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Luminary lectures

Weather uncovered

Discover the science behind your daily weather forecast. Expert Meteorologists from the Bureau of Meteorology will explain how they interpret the satellite imagery to bring you your daily forecast.

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Robots in space

Expansion to the final frontier brings with it a huge amount of technical challenges. One challenge is the ability for the vehicles and structures sent into space to survive the harshness of (inter) stellar travel. As the personnel on such missions will be limited, robots will be used in place. Join Dr David Howard as he takes you through a voyage from current technology to the opportunities of future technology, including robots that can:

  • adapt themselves to ever-changing mission requirements
  • assist a crew to repair and build new infrastructure, and
  • swarms that evolve and cooperate to survive the unknown.

Dr David Howard is a Senior Research Scientist with the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group at CSIRO. David is a researcher working at the boundary of robotics, evolutionary machine learning and robotic materials. He lectures at Queensland University of Technology and University of Queensland and supervises students from undergraduate to PhD. He is a founding member of the Active Integrated Matter FSP, and leads six cross-BU projects under the "Autonomous Design" testbed.

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A brief history of the universe

What are we seeing when we look at the night sky? Astrophysicist Josh Calcino will explore the early universe physics, from the formation of the first stars and galaxies. Learn about the formation of the universe, cosmic dark ages, and observations of the present day universe.

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This Inspiring Australia initiative was supported by the Australian Government as part of National Science Week.

National Science Week