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Mountain View Avenue, Miami stormwater drainage upgrade

Stormwater pipes

Project information

Stormwater drainage improvement works are progressing on Mountain View Avenue, Miami and in Ernie Tebb Park. Flooding has been known to affect roads, buildings and homes in the catchment, and these works are part of extensive drainage improvements planned for the area. The upgrade is an important investment in our city’s flood resilience.

Stage 1

Completed: 2009
Cost: $1.6 million

Stage 1 works included installation of a large stormwater drainage network along Mountain View Avenue from Evandale Crescent to the outlet at Miami Lake.

Stage 2 and 3

Commenced: July 2018
Completion: September 2019
Cost: $7.1 million

Project details

  • Stage 2 works were completed in January 2019 and included the easements which connect the park to Albion Avenue to the north, Nobby Parade to the east, and Snipe Street to the west. Full road closures were required for the drainage road crossings at Albion Avenue and Nobby Parade. Tree planting and landscaping took place once works were complete.
  • Stage 3 works are currently progressing across Nobby Parade to the east. Works are being staged to minimise disruptions and to ensure areas of Ernie Tebb Park remain open at all times.
  • A temporary road closure is currently located across Nobby Parade at the intersection of Nundah Avenue to enable construction of underground drainage at this location (refer Figure 1). This closure will be in place for approximately six weeks from 12 August 2019 to 30 September 2019.
  • Traffic will be diverted around the road closure via Evandale Crescent, Snipe Street, Nundah Avenue and Sunshine Boulevard. This will result in a temporary increase in daily traffic along these roads.
  • Local access to all properties within the road closure will be maintained during the closure. Driveways will remain accessible and pedestrian access through the road closure will be maintained at all times.
  • Signs will be in place along Nobby Parade and Evandale Crescent advising motorists of the closure and traffic control will be in place.
  • School bus routes and Translink bus routes are unaffected by the detours.
  • Stage 3 works will be complete by end of September 2019
  • A new shelter structure and additional seating will be provided at the northern section of Ernie Tebb Park at the completion of Stage 3 in October 2019.

For more information download the Ernie Tebb Park – Nobby Parade and Nundah Avenue, Miami temporary road closure map

Stage 4

Commencing: October 2019
Completion: March 2020
Cost: $3 million

Project details

  • Works are planned to continue onto Stage 4 of the drainage scheme when Stage 3 is completed in September 2019.
  • The Stage 4 works will involve the installation of underground drainage along Nundah Avenue between Nobby Parade and Sunshine Parade.
  • As drainage works progress, the closure will move along Nundah Parade toward Sunshine Parade (dates to be advised).

Future stages

Planning has commenced for a fifth stage to the Mountain View Avenue stormwater drainage works. This stage involves the continuation of the Ernie Tebb Park drainage at Snipe Street, upstream along Albion Avenue up to June court in the upper catchment. A commencement date will be announced in the near future.

Benefits to the community

  • improved flood resilience for properties and roads in the catchment
  • the water that ponds in the playing fields in Ernie Tebb Park will drain much faster after rain events
  • landscaping and native tree planting will restore and improve the overall park amenity.

More information

For more information contact the Project Manager on 07 5667 3801.

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  • Why are there trees with fences around them?

    During early works we will be transplanting some trees. The fences are for safety, please keep clear.

  • Who is Ernie Tebb?

    The park was named in recognition of the personal contribution made by Ernie Tebb to the beautification of parks and gardens within the city. When the park was named in 1977 Ernie Tebb was the Deputy Parks Superintendent with Gold Coast City Council, having joined the Parks’ staff in 1954. He was a returned soldier who served with the 6th Division in New Guinea during World War II.

    Ernie Tebb was involved in developing many of the city’s parks including The Cascades, ANZAC Park, Memorial Park, Macintosh Park and Greenmount Waterfall. He was noted for his love of using large rocks as evident in most park developments within the city during that time.

  • Are you removing any furniture in the park?

    No furniture will be removed from the park. However, some of the seating and park furniture may be temporarily closed during works. The children’s playground will remain open. 


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