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Our mobile phone app is a great way for locals and visitors to report non-urgent issues to the City.

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Mobile app

City of Gold Coast mobile application

The City of Gold Coast mobile application (app) is a great way for locals and visitors to report non-urgent issues, including:

City of Gold Coast Mobile App

You can report an issue in the city from anywhere, at any time of the day. Simply open a report, take or select a photo, enter the details and submit. It’s that easy.

When you submit the report, the photo along with its GPS location will instantly be sent to City of Gold Coast. Once the issue has been reviewed (during normal business hours), we will arrange for necessary action to be taken.

There are many other great features including real time feedback and the ability to view other public reports logged in the area at the same time.

The City app and our online report a problem forms have been designed for reporting non-urgent issues. For any urgent issues, please contact us by phone. During a disaster event, please use the City's Disaster Hotline, the State Emergency Service (SES) and 000 for life threatening emergencies.

Our mobile application vendor (CitySourced) will be capturing, transmitting, recording, managing, processing and storing data on behalf of the City.

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  • What is the City of Gold Coast mobile application?

    The City of Gold Coast mobile application ('app') is a smart phone application, which is free to download, that enables the general public within City of Gold Coast boundaries to report non-urgent issues to the City.

  • What issues can I report on the app?

    You can report the following non-urgent issues:

    All urgent issues relating to City services (including fast/gushing water leaks) should be reported to City of Gold Coast by telephone - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    All other non-urgent issues can be reported by telephone, email, internet form, post, fax or in person at a City of Gold Coast administration centre or branch office. Visit our Contact page for details. 

  • How do I report issues that are not currently listed in the application?

    Please select the ‘Other Issue (Please Describe) report type from the bottom of the list. Attach a photo and include as much detail as possible to help us action requests quickly and accurately.

  • How long will it take for an issue that is reported by the app to be repaired or fixed?

    City of Gold Coast strives to review and action all items as quickly as possible. Offensive graffiti is always given priority.

    All urgent issues relating to City services (including fast/gushing water leaks) should be reported to City of Gold Coast by telephone - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit our Contact page for details.

  • What happens to my details (name, email, telephone) once I submit the report via the app?

    Your information is handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act (Qld) 2009 and may only be accessed by Councillors, Council employees and authorised contractors.

    Unless authorised or required by law, we will not provide your personal information to any other person or agency.  

    Please read our Privacy Policy for further information.

  • What if I have further questions or feedback relating to services provided within the mobile application?

    Please contact City of Gold Coast by phone or email. Visit our Contact page for details.

  • How do I access the app?

    The City of Gold Coast mobile application can be downloaded on a number of different smart phones via their own app stores:

  • Can I access the app using a tablet or other smart device (such as an iPad or iPod Touch)?

    As the mobile application is designed for use on smart phone devices, it may not display correctly on a larger screen, or only be available as a ‘Phone’ application in the relevant app store categories. It may also not be available at all (depending on the device compatibility).

    Additionally, these devices may not have precise location services (e.g. access to GPS satellite positioning) and therefore you may need to manually identify or search for the location/address when submitting a report.

  • I’m having trouble downloading, installing or using the app.

    For further support regarding the mobile application:

    • refer to the Support section/options under the ‘City of Gold Coast’ application listing in your relevant app store, or
    • if you have the app installed, go to the ‘More’ tab, tap on ‘Contact’ then ‘Support Team’
  • What does 'Nearby Requests' display?

    'Nearby Requests' displays public reports that have been submitted within 3.2 kilometres of the current location of your device, or within 3.2 kilometres of a searched location.  

    Please note, for any reports that are considered offensive or private, these will only be visible to City of Gold Coast and the person who originally submitted the report.

  • What do the different coloured dots or pins represent on the maps?

    A coloured dot or pin on the map view indicates the location of a reported issue, and the colour reflects the current status of the issue:

    • Blue - New issues yet to be reviewed
    • Gold - Reviewed and with relevant area for investigation & action (where required)
    • Grey - Completed or closed
  • Do I need to complete my personal details in the Settings?

    It's not compulsory to enter your personal details in the Settings. However, in order to submit a report, you will be asked to enter your first name, last name and email address. If you prefer to submit reports anonymously, you can do this by selecting the 'On' button for the 'Anonymous posting'.

  • Can I report an issue without including an image?

    Whilst you are able to submit a report without including an image, providing a clear photo of the issue along with the immediate surrounding area will help us to better identify the issue reported.

  • Can I attach a photo that I have taken previously (which is saved to my image gallery) and send this via the application? If so, will it still have all of the GPS coordinates attached?

    Yes, it is possible to attach an image that you have stored on your smart phone. In this case, you will need to manually navigate on the map to pinpoint the location of the issue or you can type in the address.

  • My location is not correct on the map when creating a report. Why?

    Firstly make sure that ‘location services’ are enabled within the privacy or connection settings on your device (including any options to use GPS satellites and/or wireless networks to estimate your location) and that the City of Gold Coast application has been allowed access to use location services.  

    When submitting a report at the location of the issue, use the device in direct view of the sky (as submitting within or around buildings can affect the accuracy of your location).  

    Even with following these instructions, we recommend that you always review the location displayed on your report, and if required either:

    • move the crosshairs/pin on the map to the correct location, or
    • use the search functionality to lookup the address location of the report.
  • What should I include as additional information when reporting an issue?

    In addition to providing the location information (via GPS coordinates) when submitting a report, please include any other information in the ‘Description’ field that would assist us in locating the issue.  

    Some report types (such as Abandoned Vehicle) will also prompt for additional information that’s required to appropriately respond to your request.  

    Otherwise if there is any other information you believe would be helpful (such as identifying the asset/structure involved, any identifying marks/labels) please also include these in the ‘Description’ field before submitting the report.

  • Do I have to include my name and contact details when reporting an issue?

    The mobile app prompts you to provide your first name, last name, email address and telephone number. You only need to provide this information once and it is then stored within the app.

    You can submit reports anonymously by selecting this option in the 'Settings' menu. Check the box marked 'Send report anonymously'.

  • Can I see the issue that I report on the mobile app straight away?

    Yes, once your report has been submitted it can be seen immediately under 'My Requests' (also known as the 'My Reports' tab) - on the same device that submitted the report.