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Centre Improvement Program - Young Street and Davenport Street, Southport

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This Centre Improvement Project combines Young Street with the southern section of Davenport Street (between Nerang Street and Young Street), Southport.

Young and Davenport Streets consist of a mix of commercial and retail businesses, including the western side of Australia Fair Shopping Centre. These streets are conveniently located within a five minute walk to Southport Broadwater Parklands, Southport Magistrates Court, TAFE Gold Coast, Southport Library, an array of professional services plus a number of high-rise residential tower developments, and the nearest light rail station is just 100 metres away in nearby Nerang Street.

Owners of commercial property in Young and Davenport Streets voted for a Centre Improvement Project (CIP) 2012-13 with a combined budget of $3.5 million. Chinatown required significantly more upgrading than a typical CIP project with the result that a total of $6.8 million was spent on Chinatown, including $1.2 million for cultural embellishments arranged through City of Gold Coast's Economic Development and Major Projects Directorate.

A Project Reference Group (PRG), comprising owners of commercial property and business operators from the two streets who elected to be part of the project, worked with the CIP team creating a draft revitalisation plan for Young and Davenport Streets. The first Young Street PRG meeting took place on 31 October 2012. Subsequently, Young Street and Davenport Street PRG meetings were combined from 29 May 2013. Regular consultation with the PRG continued through to July 2013, culminating in endorsed revitalisation plans for public display.

The Revitalisation Plans were placed on public display from 12-19 July 2013 in a number of locations, the primary one being a shop on Young Street, enabling interested local persons to be informed about the proposals.


Revitalisation plans

Revitalisation plans - Young and Davenport Streets (PDF 6.54mb)

Project updates

Gold Coast Chinatown

It is envisioned that the streetscape transformation at Young and Davenport Streets will contribute to the evolution of a successful international district (Chinatown) for Southport.

The next phase of Gold Coast Chinatown will see the Southport Commercial Business District Team install cultural embellishments including distinctive Paifang (traditional gateways), lanterns, lighting, public art, and the holding of promotional events.

View the 3D visualisation of Gold Coast Chinatown below.

Visit our Gold Coast Chinatown page to find out more about about this precinct.


The Centre Improvement Program has completed Phase 1 streetscape construction works, which commenced in November 2013 and were completed in July 2014.

Regular construction update bulletins were issued to businesses and other stakeholders in and around the project precinct detailing imminent works. During the construction phase, Young Street and Davenport Street businesses remained open and accessible.

The completed works has visually upgraded the entire public space, lifting its presentation and improving amenity, and importantly has defined this site as a distinct precinct in Southport's Central Business District, making Young and Davenport Streets attractive destinations to do business.

Quality streetscape works have created an enticing, vibrant place to allow Chinatown to grow and host a number of events and festivals to bring visitors and locals alike into the precinct to enjoy a rich experience.


New consistent, safer footpaths provide better walkability; increased opportunities exist for outdoor dining; safer pedestrian/vehicle environment and a reduction in vehicle speed limit; colourful road-print treatments remind drivers to proceed cautiously; public seating areas; street trees and garden planting, with feature rock retaining walls around gardens; new road surface and distinctive parking lane; new improved lighting; closed circuit television (CCTV).

An upgrade to the underground water and sewer infrastructure, under-grounding of previous overhead power supply, and installation of a gas main in Young Street with provision for extension to serve Davenport Street has enabled the establishment of new restaurants and cafés.

Chinatown before and after 4

Chinatown before and after 2

Chinatwon before and after 3

Chinatown before and after

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