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Recovering from a disaster

Cyclone Debbie infrastructure restoration underway

Efforts to repair the City in the aftermath of ex-tropical Cyclone Debbie are well underway.

Public safety is our highest priority and all restoration works are being prioritised.

For more information about infrastructure restoration works that are now underway, current traffic restrictions, and detours, see our Cyclone Debbie infrastructure restoration page.

In the immediate hours following a disaster, City of Gold Coast coordinates the initial welfare and evacuation response for the city.

It's a team effort as we partner with community organisations like Lifeline, the Salvation Army, the Adventist Development and Relief Association, St John Ambulance Australia, the Australian Red Cross, St Vincent de Paul Society, RSPCA and the Animal Welfare League to provide initial support to those affected by the disaster.

This can include setting up temporary shelters and evacuation centres, finding alternative accommodation, providing supplies, counselling and communication.

The long-term recovery program for our city is then coordinated by the State Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors with the City's assistance.

Getting back on your feet

Here are some tips to help ease the stress of a disaster.

  • If your home has been damaged or you need disaster assistance, contact the SES on 132 500 or the City's Disaster Hotline on 1800 606 000.
  • Use the emergency contact list to get in touch with others as required.
  • Unless it is absolutely necessary, do not enter a damaged building, even if it looks safe. Damage can be hidden, so beware. Stay out until the building is inspected and approved by an engineer or qualified building inspector.
  • Keep the family together and support children and others who need care.
  • Conduct an inventory of damaged property.
  • File an insurance claim.

Building assistance

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission provides advice which can assist homeowners to clean up and rebuild after a natural disaster. For information on a range of topics including the insurance process, a cleaning checklist, finding a local contractor and the need for a contract when engaging a builder, visit their website.

Financial assistance

The State Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors and Queensland Reconstruction Authority coordinates financial assistance and community support services in the wake of a disaster.

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