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Minutes and Agendas

Welcome to City of Gold Coast's Minutes and Agendas.

To find a copy of a report, you can browse Minutes and Agendas Online.

Note: Minutes and agendas are stored online for four to five years, and are currently available from 2008. Please see below for assistance in obtaining archived minutes and agendas.

Minutes and agendas online

Committee reports are considered by the Council of the City of Gold Coast (Council). Council makes resolutions which are the final decision of the Council.

Any change Council makes to a Committee recommendation is included in the Adopted Report of that Committee meeting.

Adopted Reports are available to the public, with the exception of those items classified as confidential pursuant to sections 250(2) and 1143(4) of the Local Government Act.

Attachments to Adopted Reports are available electronically wherever possible. If you wish to view attachments which are not included, please contact Council's minute enquiries on 07 5581 7453.

Archived minutes and agendas

Archived minutes and agendas are available by contacting:

The Local Studies Library
Phone: 07 5581 7217

For further assistance to obtain archived minutes and agendas please use our online feedback form.

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