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NaturallyGC ambassadors

Our NaturallyGC Ambassadors are positive role models for the environment and help to connect the Gold Coast community to nature and make the most of what our NaturallyGC program has to offer.

Our ambassadors help to:

Meet our NaturallyGC Ambassdors Patrick Brabant (Enviro Warrior) and Jasmine Rasmusen (Wildlife Warrior).

Enviro warrior, Patrick Brabant

Patrick Brabant the Enviro Warrior

The NaturallyGC program is a leading environmental program on the Gold Coast. I am honoured to be one of its ambassadors and to be involved in a program like this.

The NaturallyGC program is a must for every Gold Coast resident. They put on hundreds of events for the community including Koala tree planting days, guided bush walks and everything in between.

These events are a golden opportunity to get back to nature and connect with the amazing outdoors that are right on our doorsteps. It’s also a great opportunity to give back to the community, nature and meet like-minded people.

I am looking forward to attending some of the events myself and posting about them on my blog.


Wildlife Warrior, Jasmine Rasmussen

Jasmine Rasmussen

It’s vital for the residents and visitors of the Gold Coast to dedicate some time to getting back to nature and appreciating what we are lucky to have on our doorstep. They can do all of this and more with the NaturallyGC program.

I’m passionate about the power our youth holds by playing an active part and over the years I have been a part of some great local organisations including;

Being able to appreciate the ecosystems of the Gold Coast through NaturallyGC has helped me to recognise that I want to be a voice for the native flora and fauna that we co-exist with.

I’m currently working towards starting my own research project into koala toxicology at Griffith University and look forward to being involved with NaturallyGC.

Find out about some of the things that Jasmine gets up to over at Wildcare Australia.

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