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Statutory environmental covenants

View of the Gold Coast Hinterland mountain range

A Statutory Environmental Covenant is a legally binding written agreement entered into to protect, preserve and often enhance environmental features on private property. They can also be used to better control built form or development on private properties.

These agreements are entered into between a Covenantor (the property owner) and the Covenantee (City of Gold Coast or other government body) and are registered against the title and survey plan of a property. They are administered under the Land Titles Act 1994 (Qld).

While the majority of covenants are registered to protect environmental features of a property, there are several different types of covenants within the city including environmental covenants, domestic animal exclusion covenants, onsite effluent covenants, flood storage covenants and landscape amenity covenants.

For more information about statutory environment covenants and the different types of covenants, please refer to the frequently asked questions below or call us on 07 5582 8072.

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