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Waste and recycling centres

View a map of our waste and recycling centres below. The map includes links to each location and information about opening hours and what can be recycled. Click on a map pin below to view details about the centre.

Public holiday operating hours

Our residential centres are open every day except for Christmas Day and Good Friday. Reedy Creek Commercial Landfill is closed on all public holidays. Please check your centre's page for details of opening hours.

Our waste management facilities experience peak demand between 10am and 2pm. Avoid delays by timing your visit outside these times.

Recycle Street

A new initiative is being rolled out across our waste and recycling centres to increase recycling rates on the Gold Coast. Part of the City's commitment to improve residents' recycling experience, Recycle Street aims to make recycling easier and more accessible.

New green waste drop off zones

A new, faster, and more convenient green waste drop off zone is now open at the Merrimac Waste and Recycling Centre.

You are now able to drive in and drop your green waste directly off the back of your vehicle or trailer onto a designated ground level area. This eliminates the need for lifting and loading into bins which means a faster trip and reduced waiting times.

We are expanding our network of green waste drop off zones with our next drop off zone opening soon at Coomera Waste and Recycling Centre.

All community waste and recycling centres accept the following household waste and recyclables:

  • cardboard
  • comingled recyclables (yellow top bins) – aluminium and steel cans, paper, plastic and glass bottles
  • concrete (small domestic loads only)
  • domestic green waste
  • gas bottles - empty - up to nine (9) kilograms
  • general waste (including putrescible or rotting material)
  • mattresses
  • scrap metal
  • soil and clean fill (road base and clay base only)
    - small domestic loads only.

* Household hazardous waste such as bleach, herbicides and pool chlorine can be disposed of at Helensvale and Merrimac waste and recycling centres. Up to 20 litres of paint can be disposed of at either of these centres, or Reedy Creek community waste and recycling centre.

Please note:

Make recycling easy when you visit our waste and recycling centres by sorting your load.

Check the boxes below to show the centres that accept one or more of the following:

* Chargeable waste – fees apply
+ Call 07 5667 5976 to confirm

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