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Property fencing

Property fencing

Fencing is permitted to a maximum height of two (2) metres above natural ground level before a Referral Agency Assessment application is required from the City of Gold Coast as a Referral Agency.

Should a fence be proposed in conjunction with and over a retaining wall, the combined height of more than two (2) metres would also require a Referral Agency Assessment application to the City. Further restrictions also apply to corner allotments, please refer to the Queensland Development Code Part 1.0 Siting and amenity for more information.

Frontage fences that comply may:

Fencing within the waterfront setback area shall be of an open design to the satisfaction of the City.

Please refer to the Referral Agency Assessment application page for further information on how to lodge an application.

Swimming pool fencing

Swimming pool fences have their own requirements; please visit the swimming pool fences page.

Dividing fences / fencing disputes

The State Government regulates fencing, including how disputes between neighbours are resolved. The Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011 deals with constructing and repairing fences that divide adjoining land. Please visit the State Government website for more information.

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