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Dog exercise areas

Basset hound on a lead

Dog exercise areas are provided by the City of Gold Coast. These areas are not for the exclusive use of dogs and their owners. They are for the enjoyment of all, so please be considerate of people who may be sharing the area with you and your dog or using the park or beach after you leave.

A permit is required to use a park, reserve, foreshore or beach for other animals, for example a horse.

Select from the drop-down heading below to find out more about exercising your dog within the city.

Off-leash dog exercise areas and dog prohibited areas explained

A dog exercise area is the signed part of a park, reserve, foreshore or beach where dogs may be exercised
off-leash but under effective control.

A dog prohibited area is the signed part of a park, reserve, foreshore or beach where dogs are not permitted. Dogs are totally prohibited in all children's playground areas and within 200 metres of all flagged bathing areas. Penalties apply.

Dogs must be walked on leash in all other areas. The Walking your dog brochure provides information on how to be a responsible pet owner. See the maps below for details of off-leash and prohibited dog exercise areas.

Off-leash exercise areas and prohibited areas - maps

Maps highlighting the off-leash dog exercise areas and prohibited areas are available for northern, central and southern suburbs of the Gold Coast:

The off-leash dog areas brochure provides more information about leash-free areas.


You can walk your dog on most Gold Coast beaches, but be sure to follow these rules:

  • Keep your dog on a leash and remember that dogs aren’t permitted within 200 metres of flagged areas.
  • Clean up after your dog - an on-the-spot fine applies where you fail to remove your dog's defecation.

There are three off-leash dog exercise areas that cover over three kilometres beach at the following locations:

Conditions for using leash-free dog exercise areas

Dogs are happier and healthier when they have regular exercise and regular exercise will help to:

  • socialise your dog
  • reduce stress and stress-related habits at home, including digging and excessive barking
  • reduce boredom
  • provide your dog with mental stimulation
  • improve your pet's well-being.

Dogs that are not exercised can develop behavioural problems such as aggression and excessive barking. They are also more likely to be destructive to get attention.

Always consider those who may also use the area by following some simple rules:

Effective control

Your dog must be under your effective control for the entire time it is off-leash.

Effective control means your dog responds to your command and remains close to you. If your dog is not sufficiently trained to behave in this manner at all times, do not allow it off-leash. On-the-spot fines apply when dogs are
off-leash and not under effective control.

Pick up your dog's droppings

Some of the most popular leash-free areas provide dispensers with dog litter bags. However, you should not rely on their availability.

Please make sure you always have equipment with you to pick up and dispose of your dog's droppings, as an on-the-spot fine applies if you fail to remove your dog's droppings in a public place.

Report nuisance pets

Visit our Report a problem - Animals page for information about how to report nuisance pets (dogs being walked off-leash outside specified off-leash exercise areas, defecation not being picked up and deposed of appropriately, dogs not under effective control or within prohibited areas).

Dogs off leash app poster

GC Dog Parks app

Developed by Griffith University using the City's Open data, GC Dog Parks provides information about dog parks on the Gold Coast. It currently displays on-leash, off-leash, and dog prohibited areas.

Use the 'near me' feature to find dog parks near you. Dog parks can be further filtered by poo bag dispensers, water bubblers and dog agility areas.

It can be downloaded from iTunes using the links below:

Apple App Store


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