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Advertising on the City of Gold Coast (City) website was introduced in April 2015 as a feasibility study to explore new sources of revenue for City initiatives and is currently in its pilot phase, with the advertising spaces available being used to promote City services.

Online Advertising Policy

An Online Advertising policy has been developed and approved by Council of the City of Gold Coast (Council). The policy is based on best practices for digital advertising, advertising industry laws, regulations and codes of conduct.

Please read the Online Advertising Policy.

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  • When did the advertising on the City’s website commence?

    On Monday 27 April 2015, City of Gold Coast introduced commercial advertising on as a 12 month pilot project, along with providing advertising opportunities for Gold Coast businesses.

  • How will the advertising be managed?

    The placement of advertisements is managed through Google’s Ad Server platform and ad networks, with automated loading to the website. The sizes of the advertisements meet industry standards to accommodate the ads which the advertising networks provide.

  • What ads will be allowed on the website and how is this controlled?

    An Online Advertising Policy has been developed and approved by Council. The policy is based on research into best practices for digital advertising, industry laws and regulations and codes of conduct.   The core principles of the policy are the maintenance of the City of Gold Coast’s reputation and services. The policy prescribes the types and formats of advertising that will be prohibited. For example, the policy will exclude offensive material or advertisements directed at children. Formats such as pop-ups will also be excluded.  

    As long as proposed advertisements meet the Policy standards they will be permitted on the website. The ads will not be explicitly approved prior to loading onto the website. City of Gold Coast does not endorse the products and services that appear as advertisements on the website. Any advertising that is perceived to be in breach of the Online Advertising Policy or is perceived to be negatively affecting City of Gold Coast’s brand and reputation will be removed.  

    All external parties involved in commercial advertising on the City’s website will be required to adhere to the Online Advertising Policy.

  • Can I buy or place an advert on the City’s website?

    Direct sales of online advertising is planned to be launched in the coming months. If you would like to express your interest prior to the launch then please email

  • Can I turn the ads off so I don’t see them?

    Most browsers offer options to block ads. Find more information by visiting the following websites:

  • Do the ads increase the time it takes for web pages to load?

    The time taken to load our web pages is not significantly affected when ads are placed on the pages. The website will continue to be compatible with current technology.

    If you are experiencing problems with page load time, check to see if you have the most recent version of your browser. If not, you may need to upgrade to a later version or consider other browser options.


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