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Place making project - Palm Beach Business Centre Master Plan Projects

Click to enlarge Map 1 - Place Based Master Plan for Palm Beach Business Centre

Map 1: Study area of Place Based Master
Plan of Palm Beach Business Centre.


In 2015, Council engaged Place Design Group Pty Ltd to undertake a Place Based Master Plan of the Palm Beach CBD. The study included the area from the beach to Cypress Terrace at the west to Eighth Avenue at the north and Fourth Avenue at the south (refer to map 1).

The investigation resulted with the proposal of urban design recommendations to revitalise the centre.

Two well attended workshops were held with business leaders and traders from the business centre who endorsed the findings and recommendations of the study. They provided beneficial local insight to trading conditions and issues, which were incorporated into the final draft Master Plan and placed on public display to the wider community for further feedback to finalise the Master Plan. Councillor Daphne McDonald subsequently requested City Place Making (CPM) to deliver primary low cost high impact short to medium term projects identified in the Master Plan recommendations as endorsed by Council.

Design information

Early planning, design and preliminary costing, has established a scope of projects that are deliverable within 2017 with a $250,000 budget, including:

  • landscaping along sections of the Gold Coast Highway median between Tenth and Third Avenues
  • new street trees in Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Palm Beach Avenues within the business precinct
  • new central shaded seating area within Palm Beach Avenue
  • refurbished community notice board in Fifth Avenue
  • street furniture audit for refurbishment: improving quality, colour palette and location
  • artistic road surface treatment at the central pedestrian thresholds of Fifth and Sixth Avenues; and
  • artistic footpath surface treatment at the central pedestrian threshold along Palm Beach Avenue.


Palm Beach is proving to show great potential as a sought after destination on the Gold Coast. The suite of projects chosen for Palm Beach has been specifically designed and selected to maximise the urban design benefits and improvements to the public realm of the business centre. The benefits include:

  • enhancement of streetscapes with improved aesthetics highlighting the uniqueness of Palm Beach
  • improved Gold Coast Highway environment with new landscaping treatments
  • potential traffic calming
  • improved sense of arrival and legibility throughout the centre
  • increased areas of shade and improved microclimate for comfort and walking
  • increased activation of streets, lanes and places
  • potential improvements to overall building presentation
  • improved amenity of key central spaces with comfortable, sheltered and desirable safe destinations for respite and social interaction
  • a permeable and active public domain that encourages walking and mid-block connections through the centre
  • a sense of ownership and community pride for Palm Beach
  • opportunity for involving community in the development of public spaces and existing young entrepreneurial character of the centre as cultural enhancement and contribution such as public art and temporary installations
  • and an overall improved Palm Beach for local residents and tourists ready for the GC2018.

Project bulletins

Progress Bulletin 1 (PDF 3.42mb)

Project information

Design: City Place Making
Build/installation: Construction/Contractor
Budget: $250,000

Download and view details and images of the concept design.

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