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Camping areas and caravan parks

City of Gold Coast regulates caravan parks and camping areas across the city to provide appropriate facilities and ensure they are kept in clean and hygienic condition.

Rental accommodation (dwelling, unit or backpacker/hostel)

It is a requirement of the City of Gold Coast (City) to monitor the standard of operations in all accommodation premises to ensure health and safety of its occupants. The City determines the standard of operation by regulating specific accommodation types

Swimming pools

City of Gold Coast (City) regulates swimming pools to ensure they are operated and maintained to an appropriate level that reduces risks to public health and safety.


Advertising devices

The display of an advertising device within the City of Gold Coast may require an advertising permit or licence. This page discribed information about advertising licences, advertising permits, and related information.


Keeping and control of animals (e.g. horse stables)

This Approval is issued under Gold Coast City Council Local Law No. 12 (Keeping and Control of Animals) and Gold Coast City Council Local Law Policy No. 12 (Keeping and Control of Animals).

Keeping more than the allowable number of animals

City of Gold Coast (City) local laws limit the number of animals that can be kept on a property.

Breeding animals (cats and dogs)

City of Gold Coast requires owners of cats and dogs, who wish to breed from their animals, to hold a breeder permit.


Home Based Activities

The level of impact of your Home Based Activity (HBA) on the surrounding neighbourhood will determine how your Home Based Activity is assessed.

Removable Umbrella Structures (such as semi-permanent umbrellas)

The Gold Coast’s climate lends itself to use of outdoor areas. In recent years this has led to placing such items as large umbrellas on footpaths on a semi-permanent basis.

Nil fees on permits and licensing

As a business-friendly organisation, Gold Coast City Council has reduced all health licensing fees to nil for eligible properties whilst still maintaining the same level of service to business.

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