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City Plan Interactive Mapping Terms and Conditions

1.0 Council of the City of Gold Coast (Council) disclaimer

The City Plan interactive mapping website (interactive mapping):

  • does not replace the formal planning scheme maps published on the City of Gold Coast website and, to the extent of any inconsistency between the interactive mapping and the formal planning scheme maps, the formal planning scheme maps prevail
  • does not represent Council’s formal or final position on the content of the City Plan maps and
  • is not intended to be used for official purposes such as property transactions or settlements. You should NOT rely upon the interactive mapping to make any decisions, and not use interactive mapping as a basis to decide whether to purchase or finance property.

If you wish to obtain definitive information with respect to any property, you can request the information by emailing City of Gold Coast at or calling the City on 1300 GOLDCOAST (1300 465 326).

Council makes no representations and gives no warranties in relation to the information provided in the interactive mapping (including accuracy, reliability, completeness, quality, merchantability, fitness for purpose or suitability) or that access to and use of this website will not expose you to viruses, malicious code or other forms of interference that may damage your own computer system. Council accepts no liability (including without limitation, an action in contract, negligence or other tortious action) for any loss, damage or costs (including consequential damage) relating to access to, reliance upon or any use of the interactive mapping.

All matters relating to your access to and use of interactive mapping are governed by the laws of the State of Queensland, Australia.

Additionally for City Plan interactive flood mapping including historical, current and draft flood maps:

  • the State of Queensland has required local governments to include climate related factors in the local government’s flood maps on the basis that a property may be affected by flood levels that are predicted on account of climate change induced factors, such as sea level rise over the period to 2100;
  • Council does not accept any liability for any use made of the information in the City Plan flood mapping which has been included in accordance with State Government mandated requirements, including with respect to predicted climate induced sea level rise and other climate change related factors.
  • Flood depth information in the interactive flood mapping should only be used as a guide and Council does not accept any liability for use made of the flood depth information for design work or any purpose that requires accurate ground levels.

To find out more, please view the flood overlay mapping fact sheet.

This mapping is inaccessible to website assistive technologies. If you require assistance accessing or interpreting any of these maps please contact the City on 1300 GOLDCOAST (1300 465 326).

Interactive mapping includes data provided by the State of Queensland (Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy) which data is subject to the following:

© State of Queensland (Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy)

Based on data provided by the State of Queensland (Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy) (the State). In consideration of the State permitting use of this data you acknowledge and agree that the State gives no warranty in relation to the data (including accuracy, reliability, completeness, currency or suitability) and accepts no liability (including without limitation, liability in negligence) for any loss, damage or costs (including consequential damage) relating to any use of the data. Data must not be used for direct marketing or be used in breach of the privacy laws.

2.0 Copyright

Council owns or is licensed to exercise copyright and all other intellectual property rights to material on this website.

You may reproduce the contents of this website in your web browser (and in any cache file produced by your web browser) for the sole purpose of viewing the content.

You accept that your use of interactive mapping is limited to your own personal use or for use in the ordinary course of your business. You must not on-sell or distribute interactive mapping information for reward or otherwise to any other third party, nor produce any hardcopy products incorporating the information for commercial use.

3.0 Information privacy

The City Plan Interactive Mapping website may record some information about each access to the website (for example, the IP address of the computer from which the City Plan Interactive Mapping website is accessed, the date and time of access, and the pages, documents or information accessed). This information is used for statistical and site development purposes. Except for information specifically provided by users, Council does not collect any other personal information during use of the City Plan Interactive Mapping website. Any personal information specifically provided will be handled in accordance with Council’s privacy policy.

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