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Temporary Local Planning Instrument No. 4 (Party houses) 2018

The State Government introduced laws in October 2014 to enable residential premises being used as 'party houses' to be regulated.

The laws are not about regulating every party. They are only directed at regulating residential premises that are being used as a commercial venue for accommodation or facilities that are regularly used by guests for parties.

The implementation of these provisions was optional for local governments.

Some common areas of complaint regarding party houses are excessive noise, traffic and parking hazards, offensive social behaviour and littering.

Because of the significant community concern regarding party houses in residential areas on the Gold Coast, the City created a Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) in May 2015 to regulate party houses.

Each year, upon expiry of the TLPI, the City resolves to adopt a new TLPI through the statutory process.

Temporary Local Planning Instrument No. 4 (Party houses) 2018 for City Plan commenced on 2 February 2018.

If you believe that someone is conducting an illegal business or one which does not comply with the conditions of its approval, you can report it online.

For any enquiries related to approvals for the use of a premises for short term accommodation please contact the Planning Enquiries Centre on 07 5582 8708 for more information.

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