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Urban design

City of Gold Coast is committed to combining quality urban design with measures to protect and enhance our magnificent natural environment.

Urban Design Awards

Established in 1998, the Gold Coast Urban Design Awards have become our city's most prestigious platform for recognition of design, liveability and sustainability. View a list of our 2015 Urban Design Award winners.

When places are designed well, they provide measurable social, cultural, economic and environmental benefits. Good urban design offers:

  • significant benefits to the community in terms of health, wellbeing, productivity, efficiency and creativity
  • long-term cost savings and returns in the management of and flexibility of city-wide spaces and property
  • sustainable solutions in problem solving and decision making which reduce the physical impact on our environmental resources through a reduction in pollution and waste
  • encouraging innovation in design and influencing policy makers, businesses, industry and the community to make smart decisions that will support growth in the city and attract new businesses
  • city-wide brand recognition that aids local and external investment confidence.

As a community, we should all show a commitment to the future development of our city and promote excellence in design so that we can encourage social, economic and cultural prosperity in our region.

Past Urban Design winners

You can view the past Urban Design winners by clicking on the links below:

For further information, please contact City of Gold Coast's Office of City Architect on 07 5582 8875.

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