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The Gold Coast light rail project is one of the biggest public transport projects in the country, and the biggest transport infrastructure project ever undertaken on the Gold Coast.

As Queensland’s first ever light rail system, it represents a major step forward in transforming the city into a modern, accessible destination.

Stage 1 of the project is being delivered as a public-private partnership between the Queensland Government, City of Gold Coast (City), the Commonwealth of Australia and GoldLinQ, with the City providing a financial contribution of $120 million.

KDR Gold Coast Pty Ltd commenced operating the light rail as 'G:link' on 20 July 2014. Fast, frequent trams now connect 16 light rail stations along a 13 kilometre route from Broadbeach to Gold Coast University Hospital.

More information

  • For ticketing (including GoCard) and timetable information please contact TransLink on 13 12 30 or visit the TransLink website.
  • For information on the light rail project construction, testing and traffic diversions, visit the GoldLinQ website or phone 1800 967 377.
  • For details on operation of the light rail, route, stations or working near light rail, visit the G:link website or phone 1800 064 928.

If you are working in or around light rail, please also see our Working around light rail page for more information.

Future Stages of Gold Coast Light Rail

The City's Transport Strategy supports the future expansion of the light rail network, as well as wider improvements to public transport across the Gold Coast.

The following reports have been prepared to outline the construction pre-feasibility and future city building opportunities created through the expansion of light rail along three (3) transit corridors identified within the City Transport Strategy. Executive summaries of the reports are available below.

Building our city - light rail corridor

Light Rail Corridor Baseline report - 2013.

The report will help the City target and manage future growth along the route, measuring the community, economic and environmental impacts of light rail on local communities.

Gold Coast high capacity public transport corridor studies

Purpose and needs paper - Executive summary - 3 June 2015.

This report outlines the need and purpose of high capacity public transport (Light Rail) on the Gold Coast.

Refined options report - Executive summary - 28 October 2015.

This report investigates the pre-feasibility of route options for three corridors identified within the City Transport Strategy for future high capacity public transport (Light Rail).

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