Gold Coast Rapid Transit Corridor Study

The Gold Coast Rapid Transit (GCRT) Corridor Study provides recommendations for future directions for the approximately 2000 hectares of the city surrounding the new light rail system.

Artistic impression of how our streets look now and in the future.

Street view 2011

 Artistic impression of how our streets will look the future

Street view 2031

The study aligns with City of Gold Coast’s vision for leading the way towards a bold future that can sustain growth and economic development while retaining a lifestyle that is uniquely Gold Coast.

The study will inform the planning scheme to meet the future needs of the community and provide better buildings, better streets and better places.

A key recommendation of the study is to improve the streets and public spaces of the Gold Coast.

To the right is a photograph of how Surf Parade in Broadbeach looks now, and an artist's impression of how it may change in the future.

GCRT Corridor Study report

Find the link to the full GCRT Corridor Study report below.

Further information

If you would like a high resolution copy of the study, or have any questions please contact:

Office of the City Architect
Phone: 07 5582 8875

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  • How can I find out more about the study?

    If you would like a high resolution copy of the study, or have any questions regarding the study, please contact the Office of the City Architect on (07) 5582 8875.

  • How will the study be implemented?

    The Study will inform current and future reviews of the Gold Coast Planning Scheme which will be the vehicle for community consultation on the recommendations contained in this study.

  • What does the study recommend?

    The study contains numerous ideas for the future of the area surrounding the light rail route including:

    • new buildings that fit in with our sub-tropical climate and ‘address the street’ e.g. low-rise, street-level frontage with higher-rise buildings set back - rather than a blank, retaining wall hard against the footpath
    • new street designs and streetscaping to improve pedestrian and cyclist links and the introduction of significant numbers of trees
    • a number of pedestrian and cyclist bridges to improve access across the canal network
    • improved quality of, and access to, public open spaces within the corridor
    • encouraging job growth
  • Which areas are included in the study?

    The study provides urban design frameworks for five precincts - Southport, Main Beach, Surfers Paradise, Florida Gardens and Broadbeach.

  • What are the benefits for the City?

    The study’s aim is to identify future directions and:

    • maximise the benefits to the city from the investment in the GCRT light rail project
    • accommodate anticipated population growth over the coming decades
    • provide certainty to residents, and the business and development community about where growth in the city will be focused
    • encourage more diverse, efficient and affordable buildings
    • build a stronger and more competitive economy, and broaden the appeal of the Gold Coast as a place to work, play and live
    • create a greener and more subtropical urban landscape 


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