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Report a problem - Public health and safety

For more information on food business complaints, such as unhygienic or unsafe food practices, footpath obstruction from roadside dining, or to make a report about a food business online, please select from the list below.

Food safety - hygiene, cleanliness

City Environmental Health Officers administer the Queensland Food Act 2006 and Food Safety Standards, to ensure food businesses follow safety practices so that food is suitable to eat.

If you believe you have become ill due to eating out at a food premises or eating takeaway food, please contact the City as soon as possible on 07 5667 5988.

To report a problem related to the hygiene and cleanliness of food premises, please complete our online form below.

Report a problem related to hygiene and cleanliness of food premises

Alternatively, please call us on 07 5667 5988.

Shopping and tourist precincts

Permits are required to carry out various activities on City land. Use the online form below to report activities being undertaken without a permit, including:

  • alfresco dining
  • itinerant vendor
  • mall damage
  • footway obstruction
  • pedicabs
  • roadside memorials
  • skip bins
  • toy vehicles (non-motorised skateboards, scooters, etc.)
  • busking
  • vehicle sale/hire operation
  • cycle on a footpath
  • mall obstruction/disturbance
  • touting
  • food/drink sampling
  • public demonstration or address in a mall
  • religious activity
  • other.

For more information about permits and licensing, visit our Permits and licensing page.

Report issues within shopping and tourist precincts

Alternatively, please contact us on 07 5667 5991.

Entertainment venues or events

Use the form below to report issues resulting from entertainment venues or events, including but not limited to:

  • excessive noise from entertainment including time overruns
  • littering and waste control
  • provision and maintenance of toilets and other amenities at a facility
  • failure to notify or support local residents
  • crowd and traffic control issues
  • management of bump in and bump out processes
  • other issues regarding the operation of an event.

Report issues resulting from entertainment venues or events

Alternatively, please contact us on 07 5667 5991.

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