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Report a problem - Graffiti, rubbish and illegal dumping

For more information on your problem, or to make a report online, please select from the list below.


Graffiti is a crime of wilful damage under the Queensland Criminal Code Act 1899 (s469). City of Gold Coast supports a ‘rapid removal’ policy for graffiti, where offensive graffiti is given priority and is usually removed within one working day.

If you notice any offensive graffiti, please call us on 07 5667 5974 to have it removed as soon as possible.

City maintenance officers can remove graffiti from structures on public land. The City also offers a free service to remove graffiti from private property, provided that the damage is accessible from public land (e.g. boundary fences).

As of 1 July 2010, the City no longer requires written consent of property owners prior to removing publicly visible graffiti. This is in accordance with State Government legislation under the Summary Offences Act 2005, and means that City officers can remove graffiti more quickly for our community. If we do happen to remove graffiti on your property as a part of this service, our team will leave you a notice to let you know.

Visit our Graffiti removal page for more information on how to remove graffiti from your property, including where to obtain our free graffiti removal kits.

Report non-offensive graffiti online

Alternatively, you can call our Graffiti Hotline on 07 5667 5974, download our mobile app or email

Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping is the unlawful deposit of any type of domestic, commercial or industrial waste of 200 litres (about the volume of an average wheelie bin) or more. Common types of illegal dumping include:

  • household rubbish and garden waste being discarded in the local park
  • household goods (such as whitegoods, TVs, mattresses and furniture) being left on the footpath
  • discarding tyres, chemical drums and paint tins on the roadside verge
  • driving into bushland, parks and City of Gold Coast reserves and dumping materials.

Illegal dumping is an offence under the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011. City of Gold Coast can investigate rubbish that has been illegally dumped on public land such as footpaths, parks, reserves, bushland and in canals.

If the rubbish has been dumped along or in the rivers or creeks of the Gold Coast, please contact the State Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

Please follow these steps before making a report to the City:

  1. Check our Kerbside clean-ups page before reporting this problem as the rubbish may have been left out for a clean-up about to happen in your area.
  2. Can you identify the vehicle involved in the illegal dumping? If so, visit the State Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) who offer an online littering and illegal dumping reporting system. The Department may issue a prescribed infringement notice (PIN) to the registered owner of the vehicle/vessel based on your report.
  3. If neither of the above circumstances apply, please use the online reporting form below to report the issue to us.

* For illegally dumped rubbish that poses a risk to public safety please call us immediately on
07 5667 5991.

Report illegal dumping


City officers can issue warnings or on the spot fines to people observed littering or those potentially creating litter on our roads by not securing their loads.

The State Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) offers a littering and illegal dumping online reporting (LIDOR) system where those who have witnessed a littering or illegal dumping incident from a motor vehicle, trailer or vessel (where a registration number is known and observed by the reporter) can report it to the department. The department may issue a penalty infringement notice (PIN) to the registered owner of a vessel/vehicle based on your report. Incidents are best reported using the LIDOR system and only by witnesses that are willing to testify in court.

If unable to access the electronic form via the LIDOR system, witnesses of littering and illegal dumping incidents can request to have a reporting form mailed to them by contacting 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

Abandoned shopping trolleys

Please contact the following organisations for abandoned shopping trolleys that can be identified:

  • Woolworths, Big W, Dan Murphy's, Thomas Dux, Masters, or Target shopping trolleys: phone Trolley Trackers on 1800 641 497 or email
  • Coles or Kmart shopping trolleys: phone Coles Customer Relations on 1800 876 553 or email
  • For other identifiable shopping trolleys such as Aldi, IGA or Bunnings, please call the respective business.

For shopping trolleys with no identifiable markings that have been abandoned on public land, please notify the City by completing our online form below.

Report an abandoned shopping trolley

Alternatively, you can call us on 07 5667 5991.

Missed bin collection

Unsure of your bin collection day? Please use our Bin day finder to find out when your bin will be collected.


To accommodate changes in traffic conditions and increased waste service demands, all bin collection times will change before, during and after the Games.

From 19 March to 20 April, we will be collecting waste and recycling from midnight to midnight to avoid traffic congestion and ensure our waste collection vehicles are well away from competition venues when spectators are expected to arrive.

To help ensure that your bin collection isn’t missed, please place your bins out the night before your normal service day, where our waste truck can access it easily.

Note: Your bin collection could occur any time during the day or night of your normal bin collection day – please allow 24 hours after your normal collection day to determine whether the service has been completed.

Bring your bin in as soon as you can after servicing.

Please be aware that due to changes in traffic conditions and increased waste service demands during this period, we will not be able to return for missed services. The following options are available:

  • wait until the next scheduled collection day if possible
  • ask a neighbour if they have any space in their bin until your next collection day
  • take your general rubbish (acceptable household items) to your nearest waste and recycling centre for free (excluding Merrimac, between 2 and 15 April).

We apologise for any disruption that you might experience and thank you for your understanding during this time.

Damaged or stolen bin

The online form below can be used for requests to: repair damaged bins that are broken or missing parts; replace missing/stolen bins; remove offensive graffiti.

GC2018: If your bin needs replacing or fixing, please be aware there will be delays to this service over the Games period.

Cleaning, removing odours and other cosmetic issues related to bins are the responsibility of the user. Graffiti removal kits are available free of charge from our Customer Service Centres for bins that have been vandalised with general graffiti.

Residential bins

Please complete our online form below to request a repair or replacement for your residential bin.

Request a repair or replacement bin

Alternatively, you can let us know by calling 07 5667 5976.

Commercial bins: Please call 07 5667 5976 if your commercial bin needs repaired or replaced.

Public rubbish bins at beaches, parks and streets that require emptying or repairing can be reported by completing our online form below.

Report a problem with a public rubbish bin

Alternatively, you can call us on 07 5667 5974.

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