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Research project trial – Greywillow Park

Click to enlargeGreywillow Park pump station UC9

Pump station UC9 at Greywillow Park.
Container will fit behind the pump station

A research project being conducted by the City in our ongoing commitment in minimising impacts to residents in relation to managing odour.

Managing odour from the City’s sewerage infrastructure is a high priority to ensure there are no adverse effects to our community.

Management of odour can be done in a variety of ways, including dosing of chemicals into the sewage to reduce the release of the hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas. Purchase and transport of these chemicals can be costly (and in some cases, hazardous); however, the University of Queensland (Advanced Water Management Centre) has been developing a technique to dramatically reduce the cost of odour control in sewage systems.

The technology is based on gradually dissolving solid iron sheets electrochemically to produce iron that can bind with the sulphide in the sewage. Early trials with this method have demonstrated its ability to reduce odour and the City has decided to collaborate with the University of Queensland to further trial their new technology.

An automated pilot-scale system will be housed in a fully sealed 20 foot shipping container, which will be situated next to the UC9 sewer pump station in Greywillow Park. This container will enable the system to be housed safely and securely. This site has been used in trials of new technologies previously, and provides good access with minimal disturbance.

The container will be lifted into place by crane and therefore traffic control will be in place for part of Blueash Crescent during delivery and removal. The trial is expected to go for a maximum of 12 months.

The outcomes of this technology are expected to greatly benefit the City (and the Australian water industry) by providing a robust, low cost method of treating odours in sewerage systems.

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