Stormwater management

To meet the needs of the environment and community, it is essential that stormwater drainage systems are designed as a total solution.

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Stormwater drainage system improvements - Open channel drain at Boyd and Kitchener Streets, Tugun

We maintain over 2000 kilometres of stormwater drainage systems to minimise the risk of flooding. The City is investing $5.2 million to replace the open channel drain at Boyd and Kitchener Street in Tugun (refer to figure one).

The concrete lining along the channel walls has reached the end of its service life and needs to be replaced. The drainage channel forms a vital section of the stormwater drainage system for the Coolangatta Creek catchment.


Location map for Boyd & Kitchener St, Tugan

The renewal works will require clear access to the full width of the drainage reserve. Residents who currently have structures encroaching in the drainage reserve have been contacted by the City through previous correspondence (dated 27 November 2014).

The City will continue to liaise with these residents to resolve any encroachment issues.

Construction stage

The improvement works will be completed in three stages including:

  • removal of the existing concrete walls of the channel
  • widening of the channel where practically possible
  • reconstructing the concrete walls of the channel.
Typical section between Foch & Boyd Street drawing


The project is a joint initiative of the City of Gold Coast, the Queensland Government and the Australian Government. The project is partly funded through the Natural Disaster Resilience Program, a joint State and Australian Government funding program.

Commencement date: July 2016
Scheduled completion: March 2018
Cost: $5.2 million

Phone: 1300 GOLDCOAST (1300 465 326)