Surf Parade - Broadbeach

The Surf Parade upgrade will contribute to expanding commercial activity of the street and business centre.

Surf Parade, Queensland Avenue to Victoria Avenue - Broadbeach

This section of Surf Parade consists of a mix of commercial and retail businesses. It is the main ‘eat street’ within the precinct and also is one of the main event spaces hosting several major events.

The street is located at the northern section of the core business precinct and is in walking distance from the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, Star (Jupiter’s) Casino and Resort, Pacific Fair, Oasis Shopping Centre, Kurrawa Park, Broadbeach Mall, Victoria Park’s public transport hub, the beach and the Broadbeach North light rail station.

The first project to be delivered from the Broadbeach Core Business Precinct Master Plan, Surf Parade plays a pivotal role in the greater Broadbeach business precinct. It consists of restaurant, retail, residential and commercial businesses and a number of restaurants have licensed outdoor dining areas that extend out onto the footpath contributing to a lively, active public domain.

Surf Parade has a critical role during special major events including, Blues on Broadbeach, Jazz Weekend and the Country Music Festival in which the street is closed to traffic.

The Surf Parade upgrade will contribute to expanding commercial activity of the street and business centre. The design will enhance the attributes of the street while improving public spaces and the potential for economic growth.

The following design objectives were identified:

  • improve public safety
  • improve pedestrian amenity
  • upgrade footpath and road pavements
  • improve and provide flexible spaces for major events
  • improve access and mobility for pedestrians
  • evaluate and improve public transport routes and facilities
  • modify parking layout to allow for improved public spaces and access
  • modify loading bays and service access for commercial activities so it minimises impact on pedestrian activity
  • improve lighting conditions, including decorative and festive lighting
  • improve cycling conditions
  • increase greenery
  • new street furniture including outdoor dining structures.

Revitalisation plans and artist perspective images

Surf Parade - Revitalisation plans and images (PDF 17.4mb)

Surf Parade – Artist perspective view north from Victoria Avenue (PDF 1.05mb)

Surf Parade – Artist perspective view south from Queensland Avenue (PDF 602kb)

Project planning updates

Project update 1 (PDF 1.49mb)

Project update 2 (PDF 1.19mb)

Project update 3 (PDF 1.1mb)

Project update 4 (PDF 459kb)

Project update 5 (PDF 935kb)

Project update 6 (PDF 1.4mb)

Open for business

During Surf Parade construction stages 1 and 2, all businesses opened for trade and were accessible during the construction works. Please find below an information flyer with the broad construction timing and a detailed list of all business located within the street (current as of July 2016). This flyer was distributed to all surrounding commercial establishments, hotels, resorts and accommodation houses.  

Surf Parade open for business flyer (PDF 2.54mb)


Surf Parade construction started on 1 August 2017 and was completed in mid 2017. Regular construction update bulletins were issued to businesses and other stakeholders detailing imminent works. 

Stage 1 - Road and underground infrastructure upgrades
Commenced: 1 August 2016
Completed: 9 December 2016

Stage 1 key facts

  • 3266 cubic metres of road and earthworks removed from site (includes abandoned infrastructure and other debris)
  • 1166 tonnes of subsoil removed
  • 2164 tonnes of new asphalt and road sub-base installed
  • 1094 cubic metres of earth moved for stormwater pipe installation and upgrade
  • 390 metres of new stormwater pipes laid
  • 20 new light poles installed
  • Decorative fairy lights in palms
  • 108 metres of new slim stormwater drains installed
  • 18 new stormwater gully pits installed
  • 11 new stormwater manhole chambers installed
  • Six new electrical and data pits installed
  • 1.2 kilometres of new electrical and communication conduit wiring installed
  • 70 metres of new water main installed.

Progress Bulletin 1 (PDF 1.13mb)

Progress Bulletin 2 (PDF 733kb)

Progress Bulletin 3 (PDF 928kb)

Progress Bulletin 4 (PDF 640kb)

Progress Bulletin 5 (PDF 950kb)

Progress Bulletin 6 (PDF 893kb)

Progress Bulletin 7 (PDF 987kb)

Progress Bulletin 8 (PDF 986kb)

Progress Bulletin 9 (PDF 1.03mb)

Night works - 15 and 16 November 2016 (PDF 619kb)

Night works - 22 and 23 November 2016 (PDF 492kb)

Progress Bulletin 10 (PDF 1.20mb)

Progress Bulletin 11 (PDF 1.36mb)

Stage 2 - Footpath works, outdoor dining structures, greenery and lighting

Commenced: 30 January 2017
Road reopened to vehicle traffic: 28 April 2017 (three weeks early)
Completed: 16 May 2017

During the construction phase, Surf Parade businesses remained open and accessible.

Stage 2 key facts

  • 1820 square metres of existing pavers and concrete removed
  • 1738 square metres of footpath sub base preparation installed
  • 257 cubic metres (617 metric tonnes) of new concrete laid and sealed
  • 1174 linear metres of concrete joint systems installed
  • 3150 linear metres of saw cutting (demolition and new joints)
  • 71 metres of new palm planter / seating walls installed
  • six new outdoor dining structures installed
  • 60 linear metres of footpath stormwater pipes installed
  • nine footpath drainage grates installed
  • four Telstra pits upgraded
  • three water meters and hydrants upgraded with new pit lids into the Phoenician and Building 88
  • decommissioning of old water main along western side of Surf Parade between Queensland and Victoria Avenues
  • 800 linear metres of electrical and 400 linear metres of communications conduit and wiring installed
  • event power connected within street to distribution boards
  • energex pillar power supply upgraded in Victoria Park
  • three existing phoenix palms transplanted
  • decorative fairy lights in palms powered from in ground supply
  • new street furniture including bins and bike racks installed
  • 125 metres of new garden edge kerb installed
  • 2200 plants, 141 cubic metres of top soil and 40 cubic metres of much installed in new garden beds
  • 113 metres of warning and 49 metres of directional tactical ground surface indicators installed.

Progress Bulletin 12 (PDF 600kb)

Progress Bulletin 13 (PDF 639kb)

Progress Bulletin 14 (PDF 696kb)

Progress Bulletin 15 (PDF 684kb)

Progress Bulletin 16 (PDF 698kb)

Progress Bulletin 17 (PDF 676kb)

Progress Bulletin 18 (PDF 720kb)

Gold Coast Superhero weekend
On Sunday 23 April at 9am, Surf Parade was temporarily opened for the Supanova Superhero Parade. Once the parade passed through, Surf Parade was closed to vehicle traffic. This was the first time the length of Surf Parade was used for an event since the upgrade began. The event was a success with patronage numbers reaching approximately 7000 for the event on top of the 20,000 that were in Broadbeach for the Supanova.

For more information check the Broadbeach Alliance webpage

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