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The Gold Coast

One of the most popular destinations in Australia offering a wealth of attractions, entertainment, facilities and services.

Beach Cameras

Images of Gold Coast Beaches updated hourly (courtesy of Coastalwatch):

Installation of coastal monitoring cameras 100 metres above the ocean makes planning a trip the beach simple.

Want to know if it's crowded, or whether the surf's up or the sun's shining? Now you can check the Coast's favourite beaches online.

You can take a fresh look every hour of every day. Images are collected every daylight hour and processed by computers to build up detailed information about how our beaches are behaving.

This information is invaluable to Council's coastal management staff and to university and government organisations studying beach behaviour such as erosion and sand bar formations.

But it is also a handy tool for the general public to see what our beaches are doing.

Note the cameras are not intended to tell you whether the beach is safe for surfing, swimming or boating - there are other organisations providing that information but they certainly provide some useful clues to what you’re going to find if you fancy a stroll on the beach.

Beach Camera

The ARGUS cameras are operated by the Water Research Laboratory (WRL) at the University of New South Wales.

Digital images of the coastline are captured every daylight hour by five cameras mounted on the roof of the Royal Palms highrise.

The images are analysed at WRL, and the results are made available to coastal researchers and the general public across the web.