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Bike share

Bike share is a fun, affordable way to travel and explore our beautiful city.

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Bike share


Pedal power on the Gold Coast has been boosted since the launch of Mobike's bike share scheme. There are hundreds of share bikes available in key locations, giving residents and visitors a fun and active way to explore our beautiful city.

How does it work?

Rather than only being able to access bikes from designated locations, this scheme allows people to borrow a bike wherever there is one available, and ride it to the desired destination without the need to return it to a 'docking station'. Users can also access up to 34 preferred bike parking areas known as 'Mobike Preferred Locations', conveniently located beside key transport interchanges and existing city infrastructure, and easily identified by Mobike signs and ground markings.

The bike share scheme is accessible and affordable to everyone with a smartphone. Once registered, users are able to unlock and lock their chosen bike using the Mobike app.

For more details on how reserve, unlock and use the Mobikes, please see refer to the frequently asked questions on the Mobike website.

What does it cost?

Prices are available in the Mobike app. You can pay per trip or purchase a Mobike Pass. For more details, contact Mobike on 1800 559 213 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm) or email 

How do I report issues related to Mobikes?

Should bike share users or the public have any questions or need to report any issues, this can be done through the Mobike app.

Alternatively you can email, or call the Mobike hotline on 1800 559 213 (hotline available Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm).

More information

This initiative has combined locally based Transit Australia Group’s (TAG) extensive transit planning expertise with Mobike’s internationally successful bike-share platform. Bike sharing within the City is expected to reduce car dependency – one of the aims of our Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2031.

The bike share scheme compliments the City’s Active Travel Program which encourages a healthy and active lifestyle.

As cycling increasing in popularity, safety remains a priority. Cyclists should always wear a helmet, share the path and be a safe and courteous rider. Bike safely. Bike Like Mike.

For information on riding your bike safely on the Gold Coast visit our cycling safety page.

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