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City Parking

Gold Coast parking has been designed to provide convenient, centrally located car parking to keep our city moving.

Bundall & Chevron Island Parking Area

In response to community concerns about the overflow of commercial parking in the area, Council introduced changes to the parking surrounding the Bundall/Chevron Island central business district (CBD). Signs were erected on the perimeter of the precinct at, but not limited to, Salerno Street, Bundall Road, Slatyer Avenue, Racecourse Drive, Ashmore Road and Thomas Drive noting the two (2) hour maximum permitted parking period. Additional signs were also erected at various locations within the area.

The boundaries for the 'Bundall and Chevron Island Traffic Area' are shown on the Bundall and Chevron Island Traffic Area Map. The entry points are clearly signed and there are reminder signs throughout the area. Parking within this area is limited to 2 hours unless otherwise stated.

Refer to Bundall & Chevron Island Traffic Map located below in Related Information - Maps, Drawings & Plans

Resident and visitor parking permits are available for those requiring them. These permits allow residents and their visitors unlimited parking and are subject to an approval process.

Further information

If you have any further queries regarding parking in Gold Coast City, contact:

City Parking
Phone: (07) 5581 6667
Facsimile: (07) 5581 7696

  • Where will I park my car?

    If you are a resident and have insufficient off-street parking available at your residence you may be entitled to a free resident parking permit which allows you to park near your home for as long as you like.

    If you are a worker in the Bundall or Chevron Island area you will no longer be able to use these areas for 'all day' parking. Various off-street car parks are available.

  • What about my visitors?

    Permits may also be granted for your visitors and tradesmen. Just keep the permit somewhere handy and display it on your visitors' vehicles as required.

  • Why are the restrictions being introduced?

    Residents living in the affected area expressed concern that they are facing ever increasing difficulties finding available on-street car parking, especially during business hours. Introducing 2 hour restrictions discourages commercial parking in these areas and frees up the parking for residents and their visitors.

  • When did the changes occur?

    Parking restrictions commenced in February, 2008. Signs were erected on the perimeter of the precinct.

  • How do I get a resident or visitor parking a permit?

    If you would like to apply for a resident or visitor parking permit, please refer to the Resident and visitor permit application process.