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Public Transport

Council works in partnership with the community and TransLink to provide a number of public transport options from Council bus and taxi services to heavy rail.

Bus Stop Disability Access Upgrade

Council is currently upgrading its public bus stops to improve access. The upgrades are aimed at improving access for the whole community, particularly people with disabilities, people with medical conditions or temporary injuries, and seniors.

More than half the city's bus stops were upgraded by the end of 2012. All bus stops will be made compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act ‚Äď Disability Standards on Accessible Public Transport, by 2022.

TransLink Transit Authority provides funding towards the implementation of new accessible bus stops in accordance with the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport and AS1428 .

Program details

There are three main types of bus stops in regional Queensland.

  • Regular - will be installed where there are low passenger volumes or are used by outbound services. These stops have low frequency bus services and are generally located in outer suburban or non-urban areas.
  • Intermediate - servicing locations where there are moderate passenger volumes. They are predominantly located in suburban areas and targeted transport corridors.
  • Premium/Signature - servicing locations where there are moderate to high passenger volumes. These stops are predominantly located at major attractions such as CBDs and shopping centres.

Proposed plan for bus-stop upgrades, indicating a 4 metre width for the bus-stop.

Council's program will consist of upgrades to all three types of bus stops in suitable areas.


The program will result in improved access to our city's bus stops and easier access to public transport. Seniors and people with disabilities will greatly benefit from the upgrades with the aid of tactile markers, improved wheelchair access and allocated wheelchair waiting areas.

Further information

For bus stop advertising bookings and enquiries, contact Absee Media on (07) 5591 6611.