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City Parking

Gold Coast parking has been designed to provide convenient, centrally located car parking to keep our city moving.

City parking

Gold Coast parking has been designed to provide convenient, centrally located car parking to keep our city moving.

Why not walk or cycle to work or school, take public transport or car pool? This is a great way to free up parking space across the city and help our environment.

There are various street and off-street parking options offered across the city. Please refer to the following pages for locations and price guidelines.

Whole of City Parking Plan

City of Gold Coast (City) is currently reviewing policies to ensure a more strategic approach to parking management and pricing, as part of the implementation of our Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2031. This will update and replace the existing Whole of City Vehicle Parking Strategy which was adopted by Council in November 2004.

An objective of the Transport Strategy is to manage parking in a way that supports the economic vitality of the city and boosts sustainable transport use. The draft parking plan will address on-street parking, off-street parking, park-and-ride options, parking supply in new developments (in conjunction with the City Plan 2015) and parking pricing.

The draft plan is expected to be considered by Council in June.

Parking infringements

Full details of infringement amounts can be found in Subordinate Local Law 2 (Regulated Parking), Schedule 3.

Revenue from metered parking and fines is used to increase and improve transport, parking and pedestrian movement in our city.

Payment details are supplied on the back of the ticket and can be made in person, by mail or by credit card over the phone or through our online services page.

All requests to review parking infringements are considered in accordance with Council of the City of Gold Coast's Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN) Review Policy. In order to ensure all of the details of the request are given full consideration, it is recommended that a request to review a PIN be made in one of the following ways:

Where a valid reason is given, assistance can be provided to request a review, or alternatively a review can be requested on behalf of an affected person.

It should be noted that requests for withdrawal cannot be determined by enforcement officers in the field.

The City may consider withdrawal of a PIN if you can demonstrate any of the following occurred at the time of offence:

  • your vehicle broke down and you were unable to move it to a legal position
  • you were involved in a medical emergency
  • you were issued the PIN in error
  • you were issued a PIN as the registered owner of a vehicle, that at the time of the offence the vehicle had been sold or stolen, or was under the (permitted) control of another person
  • regulatory signs had been removed or damaged.

In most circumstances PINs will not be withdrawn for the following reasons:

  • financial hardship (if unable to pay the infringement then an application can be made for a payment plan)
  • being unaware of the law or not seeing a sign
  • disagreeing with the law (you may feel that the offence for which the infringement notice has been issued is trivial or did not cause a problem to anyone)
  • running out of petrol
  • not having adequate coins for the meter or pay and display machine
  • appointment was delayed
  • stopped in a restricted zone only briefly
  • not correctly displaying 'pay and display' ticket

Relevant supporting documentation must be attached to the request. For further information, contact City Parking on 07 5581 6667.

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