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The Gold Coast

One of the most popular destinations in Australia offering a wealth of attractions, entertainment, facilities and services.

Coastal management

The City invests heavily in managing and caring for our coastline, working with our partners and the community to keep our beaches and coastal environments healthy and protected.

Discover what we're doing to look after our world-famous coastline:

Discovering our coast: explore how our coastal environment is shaped by natural processes and human activities.

Caring for our coast: learn how extensive monitoring and long term trends help guide our work.

Clean and healthy beaches: how we make sure our beaches and foreshores retain their sparkle.

Dunes: get involved in community activities to help take care of our fragile coastal ecosystems.

Our partners: find out about our partnership with Griffith University's Griffith Centre for Coastal Management.

Ocean Beaches Strategy: read about our long term plan to manage and protect our coastline.

Beach update: stay up to date when storms and extreme weather affects our beaches.

Coastal videos and resources: watch our coastal management videos.

Current Projects

Our coast - celebrating 50 years of coastal management

The City has been at the forefront of coastal management since the 1960s. Since then, the technology and techniques pioneered on the Gold Coast have benefitted other coastal communities around the world.

Watch our video to find out why the Gold Coast is now a world leader in coastal management:

View the video transcript.

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