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The Gold Coast

One of the most popular destinations in Australia offering a wealth of attractions, entertainment, facilities and services.

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Dunes are an important part of the foreshore system on the Gold Coast, providing a buffer of sand for beach erosion and protecting the beach's natural ecosystem. To protect our coastal dune areas, we fence off primary dune vegetation in some areas to prevent trampling and restore coastal dune areas following disturbance such as seawall construction.

Our policy, Coastal dune management, provides guidelines for dune management for non urban, urban and major public dune areas and on identifying dune zones for primary, secondary and tertiary dune species.

SC6.4 City Plan policy - Coastal dune management

Caring for our beaches

Working in partnership with Griffith Centre for Coastal Management we are developing ways to create community understanding of natural coastal processes and management strategies for the local beaches.

View the work that is being done by the Coastal Community Engagement Program in their latest publication Building Dunes for the Community and the Coast.

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