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Broadwater Parklands

The Gold Coast's world class Broadwater Parklands offers a range of diverse locations and facilities for hire, designed for everything from large events to small picnics.

National Relay Service for the hearing impaired Language translation services

Free high-speed Wi-Fi available at the Parklands

Wireless internet is available at the Broadwater Parklands 24 hours a day/seven days a week.

City of Gold Coast has recently upgraded the public Wi-Fi found in the Broadwater Parklands with an entirely new network powered by City-owned fibre cables. The name of the network is called the ‘Surf Network’ and to quote some press about its performance:

“It’s really, really fast –”

So fast in fact, that most people will experience speeds close to 30mps depending on how close you are to an actual Wi-Fi device. That is fast enough to watch two high definition Netflix movies simultaneously on a laptop without missing a beat! With a daily up and down data usage limit of 4G that is more than enough provision to suit a vast majority of users. There are no session limits and it is available 24 hours a day/seven days a week.

The high speed Wi-Fi can be accessed just north of Sundale Bridge in Southport covering the entirety of the parklands up to the Fish Shack and providing coverage to areas such as the little lawn, the great lawn and the children’s playgrounds.

Moving west along Nerang Street, the network will cover a wide variety of small businesses as far as the Southport tram line. The network will also cover the Broadwater tram stop, Matron and Sister Higman Park and the Aquatic Centre.

Not forgetting the great service our libraries provide to us, we have also invested in providing this high speed coverage directly to the Southport Library.

While this rollout may seem extensive, work is continuing and the City is in the process of expanding the network north of the Fish Shack in the parklands, following the footpath all the way through Anzac Park to the Southport Fishing and Dive Centre.

Lastly, we take privacy very seriously and as such, we do not collect or store any personal information from the service. The network is absolutely free of charge for locals and tourists alike and our only goal is to provide everyone with a great experience.

One network, no personal logins, no minimum sessions or silly timeouts, super high data allowance and ultra-fast speeds.

The Surf Network - What’s not to love?