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Generate program

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Generate is a generator, producer, ideas exchange, interdisciplinary and 100 per cent Gold Coast creative platform for the development of new work. This three-year, three-stage initiative is bringing together artists, creatives and collectives to develop content for the GC2018 arts and cultural program.

Generate is a City of Gold Coast initiative through the Regional Arts Development Fund, a partnership between the Queensland Government and the City to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland. Bleach* Festival is a presenting partner of the Generate Program.

The City of Gold Coast acknowledges the assistance of the Queensland Government through the GC2018 Arts and Cultural Program.

About the GC2018 arts and cultural program

GC2018 is about more than a spectacular sporting event. It is also a chance to show off the best of Queensland’s arts, culture and lifestyle to a global audience of around 1.5 billion.

The GC2018 arts and cultural program will help to do just that by offering a range of experiences and spectacles designed to surprise and delight audiences. It will enhance the Games experience and showcase authentically local arts and culture and our distinctive active outdoor lifestyles.

The program will be the largest of its kind for the City. It is currently being designed by Circa as the Creative Lead in consultation with Games partners and the local arts community. It is intended to support the transformation of Gold Coast arts and culture well beyond 2018.

Program structure

  • Generate Year One (2015-16): is a collaborative creative development phase undertaken through intensive development workshops by ten successful applicants alongside guest participants from the City of Gold Coast ACCELERATE Program organisations – Bleach* Festival, The Circus Corridor and The Walls art space.
  • Generate Year Two (2016-17): participants will further develop their ambitious ideas and projects initiating pilot, test and preview activity/presentations of their work between October 2016 and April 2017.
  • Generate Year Three (2017-18): participants will present finished work for selection and potential inclusion in the GC2018™ Arts and Cultural Program.

Who is participating?

This opportunity was open to artists and cultural practitioners who define their practice as contemporary including, but not limited to performance-makers, installation artists, designers, choreographers, musicians, dramaturgs, visual artists, writers, directors, creative producers and film/digital artists. The program has received over 60 applications, an unprecedented number for a single round. The successful applicants to the Generate program are:

Individual / Organisation Art form /Area of expertise
Alicia Min Harvie Dance / Performance
Banaam - Kyle Slabb and Josh Slabb Indigenous cultural intelligence
Byron Coathup Design / Visual art
Corrina Bonshek Music composition
Jason Haggerty Video / Installation
Joy Vercoe Curator / Visual art / Fashion
Lisa Smith Theatre
Meredith Elton Performance / Installation
Nadia Sunde Children’s performance / Music
Relative Creative - Rebecca Barnett & Tristan Schultz Design

All enquiries about the program
Vanessa Thompson
Arts and Culture
Senior Arts and Culture Program Officer – Policy and Programs
Phone: 07 5581 7140
Email: Email:

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