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Gold Coast Local Heritage Register

The Gold Coast Local Heritage Register represents an opportunity for the city to bring to life its colourful history.

Gold Coast Local Heritage Register
Museums and history groups

Many community museums and local history groups operate on the Gold Coast and in the surrounding area. Through their collections they offer a variety of insights into Gold Coast life.

Museums and history groups
Do you own a heritage or character property?

City of Gold Coast has prepared some guidelines to assist owners of heritage or character properties in maintaining or finding out more information about their property.

Do you own a heritage or character property?
Heritage exhibitions and events

Our City Heritage team organises special events and exhibitions for people interested in our history and heritage. Find out about our most recent event.

Heritage exhibitions and events
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Gold Coast history and heritage

The history and heritage of the Gold Coast is important to us, and so we celebrate and preserve it for future generations.

We have a unique and diverse cultural heritage which has been shaped by Indigenous ownership, European settlement, two World Wars and new arrivals from all parts of the world.

Through our diverse program of events and activities we bring history and heritage alive, promoting a deeper understanding of our city and its people.

Gold Coast histories

Discover the history of the Gold Coast and its suburbs, read and listen to stories, and view pictures of days gone by. Learn about the history of your local government and the city’s Indigenous history.

Heritage walks and trails

Experience the city's heritage places and take a self-guided walk along one of the city's heritage walks through Coolangatta, Labrador, Mudgeeraba, or Southport.

Gold Coast Local Heritage Register

Download a summary of all places currently entered in the Local Heritage Register. Find information and advice on how to look after, adapt or develop properties with heritage value.

View the current proposals to the Gold Coast Local Heritage Register.

History and heritage resources

Find out about upcoming heritage events. Download educational materials and images related to the city’s history and heritage, including information on archaeological digs that have been conducted in the city. There are many community museums and local history groups around the Gold Coast willing to share their insights and collections with you.

Heritage exhibitions and events

The City's Heritage unit organise special events where you can come along and learn more about the history of our city. Special heritage days are held every two years during the National Trust Heritage Festival. The unit also develops social history exhibitions.

Facade of historical Queensland house Funding opportunities

Discover the avenues available for the funding of history and heritage programs.

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