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Jacobs Well History

There are a number of different theories about the origins of the name Jacobs Well.

The jetty  at Jacobs Well circa 1964

The jetty at the quiet fishing village of Jacobs Well circa
1964. The area was by then the gateway to the
Jumpinpin Bar, fishing grounds well known to both
amateur and professional fishermen. The supply of
fresh water at Jacobs Well was named and used by
travelers as early as 1872.

View of the main road near Huth's General Store, 1960s

View of the main road near Huth's General Store, Jacobs
Well, 1960s. The camping reserve is pictured on the left.
The road led down to the Jacobs Well jetty.

  1. The area was possibly named after the Jacobs Well in the Bible, so called after Jacob, son of Isaac in the Bible. Book of Genesis: Chapter 29: Verses 1, 2 and 10.

    Oliver Riesenweber, a descendant of pioneer settlers, believed that British settlers named the well in the early 1880s after the Bible reference.

  2. It was named after the eldest son of Johann Gottlieb Gross, a pioneer and early settler of Pimpama Island in the early 1860s.

    His son found a well whilst hunting and fishing with friends and the well was named after him.

    This account of the naming of Jacobs Well was signed by B.E. Mondientz and was presented to the Albert Shire Council in July 1971.

  3. In April 1872 a visitor to the area wrote that the well was a round waterhole surrounded by ferns. The place name Jacobs Well was widely in use by this time. (Queenslander 20/3/1873)